Sunday, September 12, 2010


Remember all these old cowboys and all the cowboy and Indian movies that as youngsters we would spend our Saturday afternoons watching at the movie theatre? All these old hero's. The good guys!

Remember how, while chasing the raiding Indians who where scalping people, they would come across an Indian burial ground and with much respect would circle around it, leaving it undisturbed.

Our hero's would quietly and silently turn their horses around it and move on into the wild frontier.

While out on a drive yesterday, we came across an Indian cemetery and this sign was in front of a locked fence.

A real Indian cemetery! Sod I snapped a few pictures over the fence and hoped with all my heart the Indian souls within that fence, didn't mind my intrusion.

Nothing like the old movie Indian burial grounds of yore! But just as sacred grounds, as all burial grounds are today. I know there are many of these everywhere, but it just got me thinking of those old movies and how then as children we were made aware of how very sacred these cemeteries are. It's too bad that these idiots that go in and knock over and damage with spray paint and knock over tombstones for their brain dead "fun", didn't get to see the old westerns that we did to learn a bit of respect at such sites.

My mind moves in weird ways eh?

Then for a walk to the end of the street to see the artists showing their wares and hoping for few admiring buyers.

A beautiful days to take pictures.

Well, I have to stop the blog here for now, I've run into some difficulty getting my pictures to load. 
Maybe I shouldn't have taken the Indian burial ground pictures!!!!!!

More tomorrow.

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  1. Oh Linda, your photography never ceases to amaze me. Your shots are so well framed, each one telling a story. Light, colour and texture always seem perfect. And your comments are like frames that complete the message.

    Great work, girl!



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