Wednesday, September 15, 2010


 Where does the time go? At times, everything seems to suddenly start piling up and I keep getting behind! Not to mention my energy level, which at the moment is about nil! 

Last time I blogged, I had problems with inserting pictures. I don't know if it was Blogger's problem or just me, but I gave up for the night.
So, another attempt and I hope it works this time.

Backing up a few days to when Tom and I went for a walk and ended up at one of my favourite places, the lagoon, and the ducks!

Oops here comes a flock....take cover!!
Too late!! My purse, which was sitting open on the bench where Tom was sitting got blasted, right inside the purse! Now, I felt like pitching stones at the buggers! Look at them on the tree, likely chuckling under their wings!

Okay, these are pigeons, so I still like the ducks!

I love this fellow too!

Another fun event happened this weekend! Martin and Joan came over for the day, and Joan and I got to go shopping while Tom and his son spent time tech talking!
Tom looks a little OVER JOYED in this picture!!! ha ha

 Look at those little halo's above our angelic heads!

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