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After leaving the little scenic, seaside village of Gibsons, we continued driving along Hwy. 101, and came across Gibsons's shopping area with Malls and the usual, fast food restaurants. We continued on, not too interested in shopping at the moment. Beautiful scenery, many, many B&B's and artisans galore! We drove through Roberts Creek,  and Wilson Creek where there is a big fish hatchery, however, we kept on moving and leaving the coastal mountains behind us.

Then we reached Sechelt and this beautiful beach in the picture above. Sechelt, and Indian name, means "land between two waters".  Which I'm guessing here, is Trial Bay and Sechelt Inlet. The water was so crystal clear and I would imagine a very busy beach during the summer. I love the clouds in the above picture also.

Onward Ho, and away we go. I tell Tom that this area, reminds me of Northern Ontario, around the Parry Sound area, heading towards Sudbury. The scenery continued for a while like this.

I believe we are at Pender Harbour here. Again, crystal clear water and beautiful and so peaceful!

Tom had planned on taking me rowing on the Lake, but we had gone swimming laps the day before and his right shoulder was bothering him. I had many excuses, why I wasn't rowing him!

I couldn't resist this little dog. Soooo cute!
This cute gazebo, was the home of the BIGGEST spider, I've ever seen!! (Just had to add that for you Roxanne an Erin) I did take a picture of it, but because it was so ugly I deleted it!

Back into "Old Faithful" and away we go....

What a beautiful retreat from the busy world this would be!
Below: Right as we rounded this bed was a lovely Italian restaurant and I believe a resort.
Tom stopped the car and said "There's a good picture", and I said "Nah", but took it anyway's and it turned out wonderful!

We kept coming across such beautiful lakes and scenery.
Lot's of resorts! This one had an amazing General Store with everything you could imagine in a small place!

This little fellow, was laying under a car, and I feared he was dead, but all of a sudden one eye opened and glared at me, as if to say "DO NOT DISTURB!:

We are at the end of our travel at Earls Cove. This is where the road ends, unless we want to take another ferry to continue onto Powell River. We turned around at this point, and headed back to our starting point at Langdale.

What a beautiful but isolated place for a Ferry!

Away it goes..
and goes....

Now, here's a story for you, that is funny now, but not so funny at the time. I'm busy trying to take pictures of the water as we drive back down the very winding road, as Tom is driving. We came to one spot, where he could pull over, but it was so difficult to take pictures through the trees, as you can see below. So, as I'm crouching down taking pictures, there was a little road down to the water and I started down there, but there was a sign "Private Property", and I could hear men talking, so thought I better mind my own business.

I got back into the car, but Tom was texting to his son, so, as I climbed back out of the car, I told him, I was going to walk along the highway to see if there was a good place to get a picture of the water. Tom was so intent of what he was doing, he never heard me or saw me walking down the road.
This is the highway,with a huge big drop off, should one happen to slip on the bank and it should give way. But, I was careful and away I went.

I thought this rock cropping interesting, so click! Then I rounded a bend in the road, and I'd see another clearing around the next corner, so I hurried toward it, before Tom caught up with me.

By now, I've walked quite away and around many bends in the road, and moving over far to the edge of the cliff, every time I heard a car coming. I'm beginning to think Tom is writing a letter or something!! Where is he?

Meanwhile, Tom has no idea where I went! He honked his horn a few times and the guy from the road below, comes up to ask if he's trying to get hold of him, but Tom explains, his wife was right here, and now she's gone!! He explains, I was taking pictures, and now both of them are worried, I've slipped on the steep bank and have fallen, so both are searching along the road!
I'm still walking, waiting and snapping pictures!

By now, I'm over 1/2 mile down this very winding road and out of sight, and kept of walking and starting to get a little concerned, but to walk back up that hill is out of the question! I'm pooped!!

What scenery though!!

Meanwhile Tom and this fellow are checking the road and the banks, looking for a broken, fallen body! Which is really not funny at all! He was pretty scared!

Love this rock with the reflection in the water! Hmmm, maybe I should start walking back up! Where is he!!!

Here, I'm standing in a clearing at the bottom of a curve on a hill, so think I better wait here for him, so he can pull of the road safely to pick me up. Meanwhile, cars are slowly going past, and I know they are wondering what is this woman doing standing alone in the wilderness. I'm beginning to really get worried now, and thinking of what could come out of the bushes and eat me!
I got the nerve up to put my hand up and slow down a car with a fellow in it, who slowed and backed up to see what I wanted. I told him my situation and told him, I walked further than I should have and would he look for my husband at the top of the hill looking of me! He said he'd drive me up, but I thanked him and said, I'd just wait here for him., click!

See that curve in the road? That's where my knight is shining armour came charging around the corner. A little peeved, but very relieved!

On we went and stopped for lunch at this outdoor restaurant on a beautiful beach front.

This was right across the road from where we sat!

We got back to the Ferry at Langdale about an hour early, and were first in line. Tom and I had a wee nod, and onto the Ferry and back home. What a wonderful day!!

Goodbye Langdale!

Tom busy texting! He's learning how to do it with both hands. Wait until mine come in (it's on order) and we may never speak to each other again, except by text!

Love this picture of Tom!!

Getting close to Horseshoe Bay again.

Once we unload, we are about 20 minutes from home! It was a lovely mystery trip and I loved it!
I sure put lots of pictures on here, to take you along with us, so hope you aren't tired of looking at them.
One more thing before I go, is to tell you about this wonderful book I just read, that was REALLY good and Dianne, Bill, Kass, and those that love a good read, please consider this one. 
I couldn't put it down, and it comes highly recommended if you go to Indigo and look it up. It's not a new book, so should be in the Library. It's a thick book!! Also, it's the first of a sequel, the second, being called TOMMO &HAWK, which I'm reading now. The third book is continuation of this fascinating story. I forget the name but something with Solomon in the title which is the family name. I'll be checking it out, soon as I finish the second book.

Did everyone get their Survivor picks into the pool before next show starts? I haven't decided yet, but thought, I'd remind everyone that all picks must be in before the second show begins. $5.00 to play, and if interested, let me know and I'll tell you how to enter this fun pool.

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  1. Dear Linda,
    I came across your wonderful blog while searching for a photo of a bear hugging a heart...and couldn't believe what I discovered! A treasure cave of lovely pictures and heartwarming stories from such a gentle heart.

    Thank you. Just wanted to let you know I dropped by, the polite thing to do when visiting other people's blogs.

    Greetings all the way from the Philippines.



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