Thursday, September 16, 2010


On Monday night, Tom told me that we we're off on another of his MYSTERY TRIPS the next morning and I was to be ready at 6 am!
Of course, I question him and half of me is excited and the other half doesn't feel like going unless, I have some inkling where we are going, but he won't give any hints about what I should be wearing, or taking with me. I'm just to be ready at 6 am. I could hardly feel much excitement at that time, but as usual, I kept glancing at the clock many times through the night, so I'd be up and read to go!

We headed to the Upper Level's highway and headed West, so I thought okay, we're heading up towards Whistler, but instead we drove onto a Ferry to take us to Langdale and up the Sunshine Coast, a place I had often heard of, but never had been, so yes, I was excited now!
The scenery while on the way to Langdale is absolutely beautiful, even this early in the morning. The Ferry trip lasted about 45 minutes from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale and on to Gibson.

These are a little out of order, but I have a little glitz at the moment, so just enjoy the scenery.
The picture below, is as we pull away from the dock in Horseshoe Bay. So pretty!

We are on the Queen of Surrey
We headed to Gibsons Landing
Remember the famous Canadian Television show, "The Beachcombers" I think from 1972 into the '90's? Gibsons, BC, is where it was filmed.

If you remember the show, you will remember Molly's Reach!
The famous boat used in the Beachcombers.
That's Tom walking down this very lovely dock, with much to look at!

How would you like to live in this little houseboat??

Or this cute one with the big garden?
Beauty everywhere we turn!
Look at my new shoes!
There goes the Ferry we came in on!
Just can't quit clicking the shutter!
Look at the bright Starfish on the rock and little fish in the water.
A bunch of starfish in the water. I wonder what eats them? The seagull certainly wasn't interested!
Just about ready to head for breakfast, but had to show some wildlife! We did see a huge buck deer on the road later.
Mr. Gibson himself! Standing in a lovely little square in the centre of town.
Another nice old boat filled with flowers. I wonder what tales it could tell?
Goodbye Gibsons, and onward with our journey.
Continued tomorrow without the rest of our Mystery Trip!!

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