Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Where does the time disappear to??
Can it be as we age the day's go quicker, or is it because I seem to start some cleaning project, get sidetracked to something else, wander around wondering what it was I was supposed to do in the first place, and end up at the end of the day with hardly anything done at all, and of course wondering back to my question...where does the time disappear to???
I think too, that the new technology we have today, which is supposed to save us time, is more of a hinderance and a terrible time waster and I've fallen into it's trap! Between switching from a PC, that I was more familiar with, I bought a Mac! Learning a new operating system is a feat in itself for someone my age, with limited brain cells to begin with! Throw in the new iPhone4, that I got last week, and my brain cells are on overload! Then, we have the camera settings, syncing programs, new applications and learning how they work, is doing me in! But, what fun and the heck with the washing, ironing and thank goodness for M&M and the microwave! Tom asked me this morning, if I was going to cook today! I just laughed!

Well, to add to my confusion, I've just found out that this Blogger program is giving me a hard time again, and not loading my pictures. I'm thinking of switching to another blog program, but if I do, I'll let everyone know. I'm inventing many new swear words as I go along with this!!

So...no pictures of today and our exciting weekend! Until I get this (another brain cell buster, fixed, I'll just leave the blog at this and go search for another blogging site. Blogger is really going downhill fast!
So gals at the Soup Meister, I'll show your pictures soon!! 

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