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Well, let's give this a go again, and see if Blogger is in a good mood!
Yesterday, I was mentioning about the days moving so quickly. Another one, just went whizzing by, faster than the speed of lightening!
I was leading up to The Soup Meister (picture below), when I mentioned on the blog how I hated to cook anymore. I've just lost the desire, the energy and quit when I can! 
Tom's family must think I can't cook at all, and to be truthful, I've lost the skill I once had! There was a time the freezer would be full of delectable desserts, and casseroles and fresh homemade bread.
I have a sister in law here, who is a Gourmet cook and her and her husband even go to cooking school for a hobby!
My step-daughter-in law, can throw a meal together and so fast, I sometimes wonder if she's like that TV show, called Bewitched, where the gal wriggles her nose and there is the full and delicious meal. Not only that, but she invites the whole family of about 12 of us, right at the last moment! I'm always astonished by that!

One of our favourite places to eat is The Soup Meister in the Quay in North Vancouver.
Meet the Soup Meister himself..Ralf Dauns!
This is the cleanest kitchen I've ever seen! Everything gleams and the vegetables and meats he uses in the soups are so deliciously fresh and of the best quality. Ralf gave me a little tour into the kitchen, which is really open to the public to see it all being prepared. Here (below) is his staff tearing big turkey meat off the bones.
Look at the turkey  now, simmering away making stock for his variety of soups.
 He can have up to 12 vats of stock and soups going  on what he says is "A good day", meaning if all his staff appear for work!
Below, a delicious looking ham is being cut in cubes! Ham soup tomorrow?
 Two cuties, cutting up the vegetables and the other cutting meaty looking bacon in chunks.

We love going here for a hearty bowl of soup, and not expensive either! We often take home containers of different soup and freeze them, and my favourite is the Thia shrimp curry soup, which is just loaded with shrimp! No skimping on any of the soups ingredience here!
You can read more about this place at:
Have a look at all the mouthwatering soups and sauces and other things Ralf makes!

Okay...guess by now, you know we are quite taken by this place, and I did get carried away, so on we go now to the day before!

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I took this picture in the early evening as the sun was about to fall into the ocean and disappear for another day, only to raise and lighten another part of the world as we fell into darkness. The colour was spectacular!
I'm missing a day here, and now, I'm totally lost,  but, it doesn't really matter! My mind is having  one of those senior moments! However we went running around looking for new bedding. We bought a new mattress, and boy are they expensive!! So, now it's new sheets, new pillows, duvet cover and $$$$$$.
Tom is just looking Too comfortable here. I think this is the one we bought.
Down to visit the duck pond on one of our beautiful Autumn sunshine days!

These Canadian Geese are a pain in the neck.  They love to chase me!!
 Watch out Linda, here comes a low flying pigeon! Look at all the ducks in the water and the pigeons on shore. I think they are getting to know us too well!

I had birds landing on birds on my arm! out!
Meredith, Tom's daughter came in for breakfast on Saturday, and we had a nice walk up Mosquito Creek, as well as taking her to visit the duck pond too. 
Tom may never live down wearing my Fall sweater!
Look at Meredith's fabulous car!!! Woweeee!

 Above and below, is where we ended up in North Vancouver. I wish I could remember the name of this great store that sells every kind of nut from all over the world. Tom went "nuts" about figs, still in their shells and dried. You could eat shell and all and he's given up sweets for figs!
I'm afraid I can't live with that switch for ME!
Happy Birthday to Heather!!! 
Some of Toms family came over on Sunday morning and we went out for breakfast.
These two fellow's below, don't look too happy eh?
Us Gals look a little happier!
We went down to the show little Byron the duck pond and have him feed them. First we had to have a look at this neat 1935 or was it 1937 car.
Grandpa and Byron feeding the birds, with my bum in the way!
Cute picture of Byron and his mom!
This picture got on here by mistake and every time I try to delete it, I lose everything else! I need a new Blogging program!

This little fellow was storing his feed for Winter.
Such a beautiful day for just sitting on a log by the Sea, soaking up the sun!

Leaving the duck pond until another time!
People out flying kites.
We had some grain left over for this big, black fellow!
Joan looks like she has this ray of light over her happy and angelic....hee hee hee
 Heather has a BABY BUMP, due in December!
Byron off with Dad to chase the Canadian Geese! He's much more brave than I am!
Look out photographer, here they come! 
Woops, Blogger snuck this one in! 
Chasing the birds tired Byron out! 
Great day for just sitting! 
Dad (Kevin) climbing over to join his son. Byron wasn't too happy sitting on this log!

Look at these two goofs in a fabulous frame!

Well, this has been a long and drawn out blog. I have no idea how it will turn out when published. This program is very unstable and it's with a wing and a prayer it will work right with ever key I punch.
Hang in there, hopefully Blogger get's it all together soon. At least I could post pictures today!!
No pictures for our day today. I forgot the camera, but we just went for a coffee and muffin, bought Tom his Christmas present, which he's now using..a vibrating chair back! Merry Christmas Tom!
Then we dropped into the opening of the new Thrifty's grocery store, and munched on all their free samples!
Another day put in, and where did it go? I did do laundry today, and DID COOK supper, so it wasn't all lost!

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