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Yesterday, a surprise party was held for two of our very favourite people, Bill and Dianne, who I've often mentioned on this blog, and shown many pictures.
Their two children Billy and Amy, and spouse's Sarah and Avi, started the day when a huge limo picked the surprised couple up at home and drove them around Stanley Park, while friends gathered at the home of Dianne's sister, Debbie and husband Dave's home.
With this big sign to greet them, the jig was up, and as we sat quietly, after hearing they had arrived and waiting as quiet a mice, ready to jump up and  holler "SURPRISE", as they entered the room,  they turned the tables on us, by quietly sneaking up the stairs, and coming into the room, yelling "SURPRISE" at us!!
 This is Debbie as she greeted he guests to come up the stairs.
 The happy couple!!  Bill looking a little "shell shocked!"

These are three wonderfully, gracious and heartwarming people, who are from Bucharest, and made a new life in Canada, just a few years ago, and already won the hearts of all the people here.
Blajka and her husband Luobo, and their one of two sons Luobo Jr.

Lisa and Laurie (Bill's neices)
Clayton, Bills nephew, with Clayton's daughter Marisa. We missed Monica who is Clayton's wife! Hello Monica, if you read this!
Ycela, sits below and also a very lovely and very pretty lady!
These two look like trouble, but fun trouble!!! Gail and Sherrie.
 Now's here's really FUN trouble!! Linda on the left, always laughing and big smiles! Beside her is Gail.
Anybody know this handsome gentleman?

 Tom must be telling Ted and Linda just how wonderful I am!!! Why do they have expressions, like they doubt it?
 Clayton and Laurie - can you tell they are brother and sister?
The happy couple a few decade's ago!
It doesn't matter where you go in life...
What you do...
Or how much you have..
It's who you have beside you!

I just love this picture of another happy and handsome couple, and had to put it on here again.
Blajka and Luobo
This is Amy (Bill and Dianne's daughter) and husband Avi

Sarah and Billy, daughter in law and son of Bill and Dianne. Billy gave a beautiful little speech about how once his parent's were just to him, his parents, but now, they are all best friends. It was lovely!
 Somebody looks pretty happy eh? I just caught the chin of Dave who is Debbie's husband and our host. So, the next picture is of Dave, but my focus wasn't right. Sorry Dave!

Blurry pictures of Dave! Nice man!
 Lisa's young son, Johnathan...a cutie!
What's a party without a spill or two?? Of course one had to be my fault as soon as I got there, my purse strap caught on somebody's glass of wine! Sorry!
 Below...another nice couple, good neighbours of Bill and Dianne, Cal and Judith. I never got a good picture of Cal, but we had a good conversation!

Two very pretty sisters....Debbie
and Dianne
Below, we all sat around and watched a computer show put together by Luobo Jr. of some younger pictures of Bill and Dianne.
 Bill made a wonderful speech, of how fast the last 40 years went and how happy they have been. He would have us all with a tear in our eyes, and the next minute laughing uproariously. He told a story about asking Dianne's father for her hand in marriage and how he said he'd give her the moon and stars, but he's still waiting for the two goats her father was suppose to give him! Great speech!
 Somebody was getting very emotional! I think 40 years of love was showing Dianne!
 I think someone else was very emotional too, eh Gail. But really, everyone was holding back emotions, as this couple is so loved by all!
After all the delicious eats, out came a beautiful wedding cake made by their children.

 History repeating itself, 40 happy years later!

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  1. Hi Linda, thanks for the lovely blog on our anniversay. We were glad that you and Tom were a part of it. We had a wonderful day. You did a great job on the commentary and photos and it was fun to look back on. Just for the record, Blajka and Luobo are from Bulgaria.
    Hopefully you and Tom are thinking of a place for our next lunch so we can have a good chinwag. Love Dianne


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