Saturday, October 2, 2010


Well, now that I got this thing working right again, I'm off and running! So, I'm just going to play with this and post some random pictures and see what these new features can do and if it's worth posting, then you will see it, if not, I'll hit delete...or you can!

 So, far, all I've learned from this new program and features is that I can make them larger! However when I post them, who knows what will happen. I think I need to read some more on this and reading instructions is just not my thing.

These are just extra pictures I had taken and never posted. I kind of just liked the old stump with the ivy growing on it.

Below, isn't really a great picture, but through the bramble, was this spot of bright red, a Mountain Ash tree that looked pretty, so I clicked on it too.
 Couldn't resist making this swan face large. He or She is so pretty!
 I'm changing course here and showing you some old pictures. I'm still testing this and anxious to see if Blogger will keep my pictures large. 
 This is my Grandmother and my mother is sitting on the bench to the right. Also, her brother's and sisters.  This was taken before they sailed from Ireland to Canada to meet up with my Grandfather.
What an amazing, brave woman, to sail with all these children on her own.
(The tallest, standing girl is my Grandmother's sister's daughter, Irene)

 This is my Aunt Jean, holding the little! I never ever lost my baby fat, like I was suppose to!
 My Mother and Father, during war time.

 My Father (see any resemblance?)

 Dad's retirement party at the Toronto CN tower revolving restaurant with Roxanne and Myself.

 Can't believe I posted the above one! But the bottom one shows us sister's didn't turn out TOO bad!

What fun at the Beach as kids. My brother John on tube, brother Mike behind, Aunt Irene at the rear, beside her, my Aunt Colleen, and me with the ball. Holding the dog was my Uncle Jack. The young fellow is a mystery!

Look what I missed when Tom was younger. (on right) So handsome!! Doug who you see on here often is on the left.

 This picture is one of my very favorites that I took while in Ireland many years ago.
Okay..that's it!! Any comments??? 

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  1. Awesome pictures as usual Linda.I love going through old pictures and wondering where the time went. Where was the last picture taken?


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