Friday, October 29, 2010


It's that time again when all the spooky looking little monster's come knocking on our doors!
It's also that time in Vancouver when the sky is lit up here and there with fireworks!


When I first moved to Vancouver, I thought this was amazing and really fabulous to sit out on the balcony and all around you, these big boomer's lit up from many backyards. I could sometime's lay in bed and watch them right from the bedroom window.
Now, six years later, it's not such a fun thing! It's annoying and goes on far too long into the night. For instance, at 3 a.m., some idiot, wanting to disturb the night, lets off a big rocket, with the loudest bang, that makes one come instantly awake and nearly standing on the bed with fright!

I don't like Halloween and never did much. Now, I like it even less! It's become more of an adult night. With what they say on TV, Halloween has become as big  commercially as Christmas. It's the adults now spending the big bucks for costume's and frankly, when some big 6 foot tall person, dressed in a scary costume, and with a deep voice say's "Trick or Treat", comes knocking at my door, way past the time, the little ones have gone home to their beds, that's when Halloween stops being fun!

Oop's...what am I talking about? I live on the 7th floor of a security building! I don't have that worry anymore and that big bowl of halloween candy sitting on the table is for ME! Well....Tom also!

Well, to all the kids out there on October 31st, have a spooky fun time, be careful and I hope your candy  haul is great!
Come stand under our balcony and I'll throw down lots of candy to you!

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