Saturday, October 23, 2010


YUP! That's what I am! Worn out, half dead, no energy!
Last night, there must have been a party in the apartment building next door, and people where coming and going and SHOUTING into the outdoor paging system to announce they had arrived. Unfortunately we live on the same side as where their front door is located. They're paging system is on the highest hearing level possible and we can hear everything said. With many people arriving and also congregating out there to have their smoke, I lay listening to their conversation, which by the way, was a foreign language, unrecognizable to me, except for one person who kept shouting, "GIVE ME A BREAK" in English. Meanwhile, their cigarette,  smoke slowly wafted up to the bedroom.
Now me, being my usual extremely cranky person when woken up,  did manage to contain myself from jumping out of bed and screaming some choice words at them, which I think I need a pat on the back for!
So, to my Aunts and brother and sister....I am NOT an assertive or aggressive person, or like my father at all!!
So there!!

Tom and I went shopping this afternoon. I shopped while Tom sat in the car! To you ladies who know what's that like...having your husband WAITING, it's miserable eh? No matter how quick I rush around to get what I need, with no time to look around, I get back to the car and he says something like "Where'd you go, to China and back?"
My assertive and aggressive nature gets tested!!

Yesterday, Dianne, Bill, Doug and Tom and myself went for our monthly lunch!
We went over to "Little India" where we enjoyed a delicious lunch.

What beautiful garments the West Indian people wear. All jeweled and so decorative in beautiful colours.
All the food was very delicious, and I never dreamed that I'd ever be eating this type of food from the West Indian culture when I moved from Belleville, Ontario
It's just not the common type of food we have there!

Isn't she a cutie! We didn't get our B52's as usual, as the server didn't know what it was, so we asked for an Irish coffee, and she looked at us like we we're from the moon! 

Would you look at these guys!! All of them playing with cell phones!
Dianne and I thought we we're company enough for them, but we thought wrong!

Well, that's my blog for today, not much to tell you about, but remember...I'm exhausted!

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