Friday, October 1, 2010

Still not able to blog


Well, Blogger and Google have me locked up tight and it's just not me that's having problems with blogging.
Apparently nobody at Blogger reads their "problems" section or monitors what is in their "HELP" sections to report a problem, which is terribly frustrating.
Many people are having a problem with loading pictures, and just get a "rejected by server" message, and so unable to post anything at all.
Then yesterday, I tried again and up came a message from Google telling me that I had used up the 1G of space allowed on Picasa for   storing pictures and had now started to charge for more space.
So, even though iphoto opens up my pictures, they still continue to flow over to Picasa, and I can't seem to change that!
So, I sent in my money for more storage yesterday. $5.00 for another 10,000 pictures. It takes 24 hours until it's processed, and so, I'm hoping that by tonight, I MAY be able to post pictures.
I've paid the money but will the other problem be fixed as well??
I'll have to wait and see.
Keep your fingers crossed for me, until I get this all figured out.
Have a great day everyone

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