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Goodbye 2010
Time is the most undefinable yet paradoxical of things; the past is gone, the future is not come, and the present becomes the past even while we attempt to define it, and, like the flash of lightning, at once exists and expires.  ~Charles Caleb Colton
The decorations have been stored for another year, the goodies are all gone, the fat around the middle has accumulated and the promises and New Year's resolutions are made and soon to be forgotten.
Here is a smattering of what 2010 was like for us.

It was a mild January here in Vancouver, and the day's seem to go by one after another with no change in the weather pattern. It rained, and rained some more!

Tom was still attending the Health Heart Clinic at St. Paul's Hospital, and I'd spend my time wandering around downtown, and drinking coffee at Starbucks, while I waited for him. Anyone who follow's the blog will remember the blog about pretending I was on a "sting" and how quick the word went around the coffee shop and many people left!
 Tom has received the "all clear" now, after his heart operation in 2009.
When I wasn't playing detective, I mistakenly walked through a movie set called "Caprica", while they where shooting!! 
Does that surprise anyone?
There was one red face and it was Tom as he watched me!
Never a dull moment with me around!
Our monthly group lunch was in Gastown at the Old Spaghetti Factory where the tradition of us gals drinking B52's held fast!
The weather was getting milder and milder and with the Vancouver 2010 Olympics looming, there was NO snow for the events! The city was trucking snow from 100 miles north of the city, and transporting it to the winter events in Cypress and Whister Mountain.

 Vancouver was being changed into a party town, and everyone involved in the planning of the Winter Games were watching the weather forecasts and praying for some heavy snow! The rest of us, removed our jackets and relished in the sunshine, while watching the trees and flowers, starting to bloom too early. Visitor's to the city, exclaimed in awe, of how beautiful this city is and longed to stay and live here. I felt so lucky to living here myself.
However, Mother Nature wouldn't co-operate but, the Games went on and Olympian hopeful's worked hard to make their Countries proud.
The Winter Games sadly, got off to a very sad start with the death of Georgian luge driver, Nodar Kumartitashvii, during a practice run, that darkened the mood the sport world.
Canada came away with 26 medals, 14 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze, and every time Canada had a win the chimes on top of a building over town would ring out the refrains of "Oh Canada", and a loud boisterous cheer would go up from the downtown area.
What a party mode the city was in!
Even Tom, got into the spirit and tried out a few runs down the hill with his trusty board!

Everywhere, around Vancouver, there were fabulous sights to be seen, and a fun atmosphere was enjoyed in nearly every corner of the city.

 Too bad this goodwill towards not only Vancouverites, but Countries wouldn't last all year.

Even I was a Olympic wannabe!

The famous Red Mittens became an instant hit and even Oprah gave them away!

February, means another year older for both Tom and myself!
A big thanks to Joan and Martin for their kindness in hosting these yearly events for ALL the family!
Joan even gives us our choice for ANYTHING we want for dinner and it's always delicious and such fun!

Byron, gave both these old folks help in blowing out the candles!

A big scare in Feb. with my health, after hearing the news of my yearly physical. Seems my kidneys have lost some function, and Tom and I both went into panic mode, along with my family in Ontario, who we're all ready with kidney donations. The panic button was pushed  unnecessarily as it turned out, not being as bad as first believed, but my daughter Lisa flew out to be with her Mom and I forgot all my problems and just relished in having her here!
Also I broke a toe which sounds trivial, however it continues to cause much pain  a year later.  I didn't lift my foot high enough while coming through the patio door and slammed it into the metal sill. Having cortisone shots in it now, and somewhat improved!
We toured all over, and Lisa fell in love with Vancouver and all the blooming flowers in February!

 She met her Vancouver step family and fit right in!
Tom really enjoyed having Lisa here, and we all had a really good time!
Feb. 2nd, we had breakfast with Tom's sister's family in Coquitlam.
Mitchell, the young boy, does what all young boys do, and hams it up for the camera. 
I'll show you Mitchell in a good picture next!
This is Tom's niece Lisa, husband Darren, children Samantha and Mitchell. I love being with this family. Lisa reminds me so much of my own daughter's, and I love being around them.
See...Mitchell is a cute kid!
Our February group lunch and more of Dianne and my traditional B52's! The guys are around someplace!
Our lunch was at  "The Bridge Marina."

A big day for my Irish mother's side of the family and one day of the year, that brings some fun and happy memories as I grew up with every March 17th being a special day.
This very special lady and good friend, Mavis, undertook what I couldn't finish, and may as well admit, that she knitted this whole beautiful green sweater for Tom. We are both so grateful, and Tom loves both this gift that looks spectacular on him, as well as the lady who made it for him!

Our Group lunch in March at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Gas Town. Us gals with our B52's!
 The fella's with beer! We always enjoy these lunches!
Bill, Tom and Doug

Meanwhile, we are out taking walks, and I'm shooting picture's left and right and thoroughly enjoying myself. The flowers are in bloom and the world is alive with colour and you wonder just how good can life get!!
I've spent the last few months dabbling heavily into Genealogy, and through my blog, discovered I had a cousin, Shannon, that I never knew existed, who lives in Victoria! We share the same Grandfather, and what a thrill to be going over family history with her! We do eventually meet later in the year! Also, through our ancestry search, we meet a two wonderful people who live in the same area as our Grandfather lived in France, Fabrice, and Laurent, who did an immense amount of work finding information of our family with pictures and documents, that Shannon and myself would have never been able to do alone. They have become two very treasured friends. We've exchanged many letters and gifts from them as well. Bonjour Fabrice and Laurent, who read my blog!

So many things happen in a year, birthday get together's, lunch's with friends, the mystery area trips that Tom takes me on, that are just too numerous to mention all on here.

Spring in it's full glory!

One of the mystery fun trips Tom took me is to Queen Elizabeth Park and Conservatory. What an enjoyable day!
Some flowers are in bloom, the tree's are slow to bud. Look at the snow still on the mountain! 
 Inside the conservatory, was a humid, and beautiful different world, as if I'd been transported instantly to the rainforest! Of course...a rainforest of a different kind then here in Vancouver!

I even met some new friends. They didn't converse much though!

A very wonderful surprise happened in April when my oldest Grandson Matthew and his cute girlfriend Erica, came out for a week's visit! How excited I was?
We took them here and there, and crammed in as much as we could in a week. They also fell in love with Vancouver. I fell in love with having them close!

Dinner with Tom's family! I have to laugh at this picture every time I see it. It looks like everyone stopped in mid chew with mouth full's for this picture. We DID have a great time!!

Mother's Day 2010 with my Vancouver Step-Children
This is Tom in conversation with Heather (granddaughter), Meredith (daughter) and Byron, (Great-Grandson)
Kevin (Heather's husband), Martin (Tom's son)
I'm so fortunate to been given the gift of this wonderful family, who accepted me and have always made me feel so welcomed and loved.
My extended family! Look at the Mother's Day gifts I got! How lucky!

Father's Day at Merediths
The six on the left are Tom's family, and the right is Dave's family. 
Dave is Merediths husband.
Great looking lot eh?

I finally met with my a cousin I didn't know I had, found through our genealogy hunt. Shannon lives in Victoria, we both grew up in Owen Sound as children and never knew we existed, because of some family quarrel.
After a whole generation has gone, isn't it silly to continue something we knew nothing about?
She is a wonderful person and we enjoy writing to each other and the odd phone call.

During the rest of the summer there where more lunch's, more mystery trips that Tom would surprise me with and more get together's with family.
However, I'm not sure if Blogger is going to let all this go through and frankly this has become more of a project to bring the past year together than I thought, so I'm going to shorten it down a little from here.

July, I also went home to Ontario and had a fabulous time, and many of those pictures are on my blog if you look for them.

Lisa's new home is beautiful! Hospitality outstanding and to see my family and friends was a much needed time for me. I do miss everyone so much and two weeks in the summer just seems so short.
Roxanne,my sister came with me to Belleville, and then we went off to St. Catharines for a few days and had a marvellous time there as well.

At Lisa's home with family and Grandson's girlfriends as well.
Breakfast with some of my very best I miss them all!
My beautiful daughter Erin and growing up to fast granddaughters, Erica and Sarah!
 My sister Roxanne, brother Mike and sis in law Wanda
 Irene, my Aunt and like another sister, at a BBQ she had at her house with all the family.
The little ones are her Grandchildren

When I returned from Ontario, Tom's hernia was back causing terrible pain, and after waiting for his doctor to return from his holidays, he suffered a great deal. However, it ended up being a nerve that was the problem and all was sorted eventually. So good.

More lunches with the our lunch group, the weather was spectacular, and we just enjoyed the warmth and soaked it in before the cooler weather arrived.

Isabelle and Ken treating us to one of their many dinners. So delicious!
 Isabelle is Tom's only sister and a super person!

School returned and the chatter and laughter of little children drifted up through our window's once again.

Our lunch group continued all summer and what a treat to get together at Bill and Dianne's for a fabulous dinner of smoked ribs.

We had lotto tickets on all the house draws around Vancouver, but I guess you would know by know if we had won! 
Oh to dream eh?

Summer was also spent reading many good books. Tom and I both enjoy reading so it is so great to have that in well as much more!

Tom and I take a trip to Gibson, BC, where the television show called "The Beachcombers" was filmed. A very popular show in it's day, that most people my age will remember. It was a fun day that we both enjoyed.

The flowers are giving their last boost of colour, the leaves are beginning to fall, and sadly we begin to say goodbye to summer.

Everyone is talking about the great salmon run this year! I bet nearly every freezer in BC has salmon in it.
We've been feasting on it also!

Bill and Dianne celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, with a surprise party held for them at Dianne's sister.

Can't forget Halloween!
My daughter Erin in a Snow Queen outfit! (Sorry Erin, but I think that was what it was, my memory isn't that great anymore!) 
But, isn't she beautiful!

Time for home renovations! This will bring a laugh to a couple we know!
The birds are gathering to head to warmer climates.
How sad to see the leaves gone, but the tree still is a beauty!
The beach is bare!
Our first snowfall comes early!

We had made friends with these two crows all summer long!

Big events happen in December of this year!

My sister Roxanne married her sweetheart Kass
Beautiful ring!!
A good looking couple!! Congratulations Roxanne and Kass!
Love to you both!
Such a happy moment!!
Roxanne has sold her home, practically before the ink was dry with the real estate papers, and they bought a home on Amherst Island near Kingston, Ontario.
Tom plays Santa at our buildings Christmas Party
Note the new beard!!!
Dianne, Linda, Tom, Linda and Bill (who went to get the car) took in a wonderful Rock and Roll show that was very good! Us gals, bounced and rocked along with the music.
Ken had a surprise 80th birthday party and Belle's birthday is on the near horizon as well
Happy Birthday to you both!


The next big news is that I went to Cabo San Lucas for a week with my daughter Lisa and Grandson Brad!
That blog will be out soon!!!

This is Heather a few months ago!
New baby girl born!!
  Heather and Kevin have a new daughter and a brother for Byron. I was just sent this picture and the little girls name is Taya Joanne.
Congratulations to everyone!!!

I know that I've left out many things, but this has been a very time consuming blog and I just hope that Blogger accepts this very long blog. I hope you enjoy it!!

Happy New Year and all the best in 2011

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