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Cabo San Lucas

DECEMBER 20 -26, 2010  
  All just a memory now, but what a good one!
Tom dropped me off at the airport and I nervously checked my bag on the scales and I had only packed 13 of my allowed 20 kilo's, so that was a relief, although my bag felt more like 50 kilo's to lift!
    I was amazed at the beautiful International part of the Vancouver airport, which is decorated so nicely compared to our domestic flight side. I guess it's to give a great first impression to visitors arriving here.
I was early, as I often am, and was the only one sitting with still nearly two hours to wait, but another couple showed up that was also going to Mexico and wanted me to go for a beer with them, but it was only around 10 am, and a coffee I may have gone for, so I declined the invitation.

The plane to Mexico still hadn't arrived at it's scheduled time, and we waited and waited for nearly another hour and a half. Everyone a little antsy to get going and some already in shorts and thongs (the foot kind)

Ahhhh, finally..and soon we boarded and away we went! I flew on Sunwing Airlines, and they give you a glass of champaign when you get on, then come around with soft drinks, or tea or coffee, and after that a nice meal which was chicken, followed by more tea or coffee and finished off with a lovely chocolate mint. This whole service seem to take place during our entire trip to Mexico, and no chance of catching a little nap!

 This is Veenu and her son Vic who sat with me on the plane and what wonderful people they are. Mother and son. Veenu is a dentist and Vic is soon to be a doctor! We chatted all the way there and had a few giggles and got to know one another. 
You will notice the sign Puerto Vallarta in the background! We had to fly over Cabo, and onto Puerto Vallarta, land, take all the luggage off the plane, have it checked, go through Mexican customs, fill our forms, get back on the plane and head back to Cabo San Lucus. We where already late, so this made us even later. By this time, tiredness and trip weary had set in.

When we arrived late in Cabo, we all went out to get on our transportation to where everyone had booked their hotel and buses where waiting. I had already paid for my transportation to my hotel and had the voucher in my hand, but the company that was to pick me up, was not anywhere around. Veenu, was kind enough to stay with me until she couldn't wait any longer or she'd miss her bus, but was so hesitate to leave me standing there, the very last person, all alone!
I was told that my transportation had already left!! Oh no..what to do now!! Lisa and Brad, had arrived on an earlier flight from Ontario and had wanted to pick me up at the airport, but because I already had this voucher, I told them I'd meet them at the hotel. I had no idea how to contact them. One of the girls who directed people off the plane to their waiting bus, came to my aid and got me a taxi. It cost me 800 peso's or $66.00 American to get there, but I had planned on withdrawing money from the hotel which would be in pesos for while I was there. I did have some American money with me but not enough, so was in a panic hoping that Lisa and Brad would meet me on arrival with cash in their pocket!
So when I got out of the taxi...very later then I was supposed to arrive, Brad was waiting for me, and he must of thought his Grandmother had flipped here wig, because in a panic, the first thing I said, was "Do you have any money on you?" He did but not enough, but then along came Lisa just then, and she turned around without question and went back to the room, to get her money, while the taxi driver patiently waited, and I fretted!

Anyway, all turned out well, and soon he was paid and our greetings and hugs began along with a big explanation!

Let the holiday begin!!!

We stayed at the Melia Cabo Real
A beautiful place and very large. I was taken on a quick tour through the grounds by Lisa and Brad, which is why, I'm always stopping to take a picture as they keep on walking.
I'll see more in the morning, but we are all VERY tired and our first night is an early one to bed.

Our room with three beds in it, and a lovely balcony overlooking the grounds.

What a night! I had terrible cramps in my legs and feet, probably caused from sitting so much in one position for so long. Mexico gets quite chilly at night, and I love lots of blankets on me, and the sheet and one thin blanket just wasn't enough. Lisa had turned on the air conditioning as we didn't know if it was safe to leave our balcony doors open while we slept, so I froze all night! I managed to have THREE more blankets, just for me for the rest of the week and we ended up leaving our patio door open and the air conditioning off and all was well.

 Now, I get to really see where we are, and soon find out what a lovely place we are staying at and the beach is right there at our door and it is one of the safe beaches to swim. All the restaurants and the whole hotel is all open to the outside, and we sat overlooking the Sea of Cortes, and how beautiful it is!

Breakfast was a huge buffet, with many different varieties of food to choose from.
These little tiny birds flitter and fly in and around us and land on the back of our chairs and pick up crumbs. They just add to the atmosphere. Service is very friendly and we learn to say "Gracias" and "Si," quickly. 

 Still early in the morning, but everyone gets up and lays their beach towel on the back of a lounge chair to save it for when they have finished breakfast. We soon learned that trick also!
 Another resort in the distance. I think it was a Hilton Resort.

Now, how can you beat this eh?

 Beautiful and safe to swim in the little cove. This is the Sea of Cortes
This isn't my picture, but there was a section where a few people where a "little" naked!
This was so "beach Mexican!"
Our pool but taken fairly early in the morning before the crowds gathered. I didn't realize we we're up so early! 
There is a swim up bar, and this is an "ALL INCLUSIVE" resort, so the drinks where flowing, and much food to eat!
The water was lovely and warm, although the pool only chest deep.

Another lovely view!

 Part of the walkway up to the resort.

We went to a meeting that Sunquest put on, to acquaint us with the resort, and also to sell excursions for different activities, such as glass bottom boats, whale watching, and such. Very expensive to do many of these things!
I also talked to the Sunquest fellow called Ivan, to help me get my money back and he said it was the fault of the person who booked my tour, but it clearly wasn't, so I went into my "assertive" mode and asked him if he thought I fell off a turnip truck yesterday!
It was clearly Sunquest's contract, I held the paid voucher and I wanted my money back! More about that later!!

Lisa had rented a car, and wanted to look at places for sale in the area, so we went on a tour to San Jose del Cabo, and to a few real estate places.
In San Jose Cabo, we came across a fellow selling the same excursions, much cheaper then the hotel, and for those reading this and interested in going, they sell them in the Walmart mall...even cheaper! The hotel is out to make money, so look elsewhere for tours.
We booked a glass bottom boat tour and Lisa and Brad wanted to book a desert ride in some crazy fast cars, that they drive...something like an enclosed dune buggy, but they where disappointed in that it went about as fast as peddling  10 speed bike and also their front wheel flew off and rolled for ages. They we're okay though! Expensive tour at that!

So, we headed down to Cabo San Lucus for our glass bottom boat ride. The waves where pretty high and the boat had a hard time getting into pick us up. I wore a mummu type of thing over my bathing suit, so had to hike it up so I didn't get wet, but got soaked. As the boat rocked and rolled in the waves, Brad went first, and I went second, but I couldn't get my foot up on the last highest rung to get into the boat! My foot got caught in the ladder and Lisa was shoving from behind and Brad pulling from the the boat, and I hollered that my foot was caught, so Brad freed it, but I was sure he broke my foot!! He didn't, but my last big heave, and I landed like a huge whale, flopping on my stomach on the boat! Now that would have made a picture, but we didn't have the camera going at this critical moment! We where to go out to the El Arco ( The Arch) and beautiful scenery and get dropped off at Lovers Beach, and then they would come pick you up in 45 minutes, but I wasn't getting off the boat and going through that again, and wondered how in the heck I'd ever get off in the waves. More about that later!! First some pictures of this beautiful place!
The Arch is where the waters of the Pacific Ocean meet the waters of The Sea of Cortes.

Two cruise ships are in, and we passed by this one. Tom and I had been on a cruise ship that stopped here before on our cruise along the Mexican Coast and through the Panama Canal.
 It was very difficult to hold the camera steady and take a decent picture.
 Lots and lots of pelicans!

 Lover's Beach. On the other side, it's called Divorce Beach!

Seals up on the rocks.

There was only the 4 of us on the boat going out, but we picked up another load of passengers at Lover's Rock, on the return trip.
Below: Lover's Rock, and where it is safe to swim. On the other side, is completely different, being Divorce Rock, but it's on the Pacific side and very rough. Our little glass bottom boat, was bouncing hard in the waves.

So many picture I could show you!! I have to save some room here!!!! Somewhere!
Now, my problem begins of how to get OFF the boat!
I let the rest of the people get off first and again, we where in big waves, and being tossed around. I tied my mum gown up around my waist and this time wore my flip flops to hopefully make it easier to get off. When it was my turn, I turned around to get down the ladder and those nice fellow's that went before me, waited to help the rest of us off. As I went down the ladder with them helping me, my bathing suit worked it's way up the crack of my bum, and some guy said, way too loud "Wow, there's sure a full moon over Los Cabos right now!!" Well, his wife was mortified what he said, and I had to stop halfway down the ladder and was laughing so hard that I couldn't get my foot on the bottom rung. At last I was down and was nearly carried by people helping me from toppling over in the waves. Everyone had a good laugh at my expense, but thank goodness, I can laugh at myself also! It became quite a joke from there on in. Plus, I was drenched!
My camera wouldn't pick up the fish because of my flash but Brad got some good pictures in the glass bottom boat.

We ended up here to have a beer and Brad hit paydirt!!!
Girls, girls girls everywhere..some good looking guys too, but all very young!

Having fun yet? YUP!!!!

 One of the cruise ship is leaving and the crowd is thinning out. It's also time for us to leave also.

Back to our lovely resort for the evening. It was Mexico night, with Mexico entertainment, a great variety of different types of food, and just great fun!
Pinata fun for the kids 
Wonderful atmosphere!

Mexican Sunset
This is the friendly guy handing everyone tequila shooters! Below is the plant the tequila comes from.

We became fast friends...I guess he liked me! 
Brad found "few" friends too, who quickly got very friendly and invited him to go into Cabo with them that evening. I think it was around 3am when he rolled back in!

Funny how he was all tuckered out the next day! 

Lots of great Mexican entertainment during the evening!

Already, I'm mixed up as to what day was what, but I came back with a miserable cold and suffering a little at the moment as I try to get this out. So, I'll just so you some pictures of things we had seen and throw in the odd comment.

Horseback riding on the beach anyone...not me!! 
Back in Cabo at the Mango Deck, right on the beach in the middle of all the action! 

I took many pictures of the vendors selling their wares, walking back and forth in the hard to walk sand, carrying heavy loads. What a hard way to make a living!

Henna Tattoo's anyone?

How would I get these bright and lovely and BIG plates in my suitcase? 
Police Boat!!!!
See the soldiers with big guns patrolling the beach!!!! 
 Pay some peso's to get your picture taken with this ugly thing!
Mmmmm, my favourite!! 
A Blue Santa with a gun and holster! I wonder who the brown fellow is suppose to be!
I get a blue Santa with a gun...look what Brad attracts!!

The entertainment NEVER stops!!
 We begin to leave here an I'm taking some colourful shots along the way!
Friendly People in Mexico! 
Back to the resort in our rented car and Lisa did wonderful driving in Mexico. 

To be continued tomorrow......

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