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Sure is nothing going on these days it seems and life is pretty quiet, which is a good thing. It's just that time of the year where all those new years resolutions regarding weight have already slipped out of my head!
Both Tom and I seem quite content to sit and read with just soft music playing in the background, and when we get tired of that, we may go off to do some little errand that zaps all our energy and we are just glad to get back home again.
The weather is cold and windy, but the sun did shine a little this afternoon. But it was one of those days where the dampness and wind just went right though you, so we didn't stray too far from home.
We stopped off at the Library but I think some reader's we're glad to see me leave. I just can't shake this cough and have tried just about everyone's remedy for getting rid of it. Onions, honey and lemon, hot rum and honey, Vicks..all of them, except over the counter medications which I've been told to stay away from because of my kidneys, so I guess, I'll just have to stick with the hot rum and honey! One of two of them sure quiets it down for sleeping!
On Saturday, I went off for a walk. It was lovely out, so I got as far as Dunderave, when it started to pour! I made it to the Library, then had to send out an SOS to Tom. I was soaked and cold!
These are a few pictures before I got to the village of Dunderave.
Ha! I have my own rock!!
 The following is some mosaic work that some creative people did on the rocks along the walk. 
Pretty to look at!

Look at all the ducks!


And then the rains came and home I went!
Just finished a book called "The Long Song", by Andrea Levy
I really enjoyed this book about the child of a field slave on a sugar plantation in Jamaica. The story is written from the eyes of this young girl when she becomes an old lady, and written with much humour, and defiance and a sometimes shocking way.
I hate when a good book ends. It's like losing a good friend!

I'm into one by Hans Fallanda called "Every Man Dies Alone".
It's starting out quite well, and I think I'll enjoy it. It's about the German resistance to the Nazis. Sounds like horrible reading, but it's quite an eye opener of those times!
The author wrote this in a feverish 24 days, after the war and from his release from a Nazi insane asylum. He did not live to see its publication.

Just in case your interested!!!

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