Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home from Vacation and Sick!

I thought holidays restored your soul, while the sun gave you good doses of Vitamin D and C, and you came home refreshed and ready to face the world and woes!

I came home from Mexico with a cold! Well..I didn't have it when I left Mexico, but I'm sure it was that darn recycled air on the airplane's that flogs it off from someone who previously may have sat in or near my seat, who coughed and sneezed their way through the skies. The germs just laying in wait for their next victim and there I was!!

It started in my throat, worked it's way into my chest filling my lungs with infection, then  left for northern zone's into my head, to wreak more havoc! Wasn't sure if it was happy being there so decided to split itself halfway!

First I thought I was dying, then I wished I would, it got worse and I thought I had!
Finally, it began to go it's merry way, and I was on the mend, and began feeling better, until suddenly, it would come back with a vengeance, knocking me off my feet again!
Tom and I would start off someplace, and all of a sudden I'd break out in a sweat, feel faint and want to just lay anywhere possible. Even the floor of some store looked good to me, so back home we'd head and straight to bed, where I'd sleep for hours in the day and again, zonked out all night!
Ahh, we've all been there, you know what it's like, so I will quit moaning. I just hope I didn't pass it along to anyone out there. 
I was very careful with handwashing, sanitizing and using kleenex to cough into. 
I hope it wasn't me that passed it on to anyone!
In between all these floating germs, I managed to also put my back out! Probably trying to stuff my luggage back into storage. So, really, I'm not looking for loads of sympathy, although, it would be nice, but I really have been down and out!!
Better days ahead, and now for the big news!!!
Yesterday, I saw two ROBINS!!

Can Spring be far away???
I was walking by and they flew out of a holly bush!
Great to see!!!

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  1. A Robin, how lucky are you! They are calling for snow and right now it is -17. I don't have your cold but I sure would love to see a robin to brighten my day.

    I love the mosaic, too bad the taggers wouldn't create something that beautiful.


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