Thursday, February 24, 2011

Turning Sixty-Seven

I went to bed last night and I was still 66 years old, woke up this morning and I'm now 67, but Tom says, that in reality, I'm really now in my 68th year.
Guess who is suffering from a big lump on his head this morning!!

The only good thing about birthdays is hearing from old friends and the knowledge that they are thinking of me today. Also, it's such a wonderful gift to receive a email or a phone call with birthday greetings. A nice warm glow to the heart is better then a bought gift any day...unless it's your husband! Today is the birthday girls time to relax, be spoiled, have a cup of tea served, with a nice little treat as well and not having to make any meals!

What I just can't seem to come to grips with is how close I am to 70!!!!!
Now, that scares me!! Time moves so quickly now and I wish I could just stop the clocks and time altogether!

Oh, by the way..Tom woke with a wicked head cold this morning and went back to bed, and there went my day of being spoiled.  I'm rubbing Vicks on his chest, making him ginger and lemon tea, and keeping him warm and snuggled in.

So as another year comes along, my wish if that I GET OLDER!!
The alternative isn't to fun to think about!!!

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