Sunday, February 27, 2011

West Vancouver has SNOW!

This is going to sound silly to those who know I'm from snowy Ontario and how often I've said while living there that I hate the damn white stuff, but I actually got a lovely warm fuzzy feeling from waking up this morning and hearing the sound of a snowplow travelling down the street as well as the scape sound of a shovel being used to clear the walkways and driveways in the area.

It had snowed all night long and when I woke in the night for my usual trip to the bathroom, I stood after, in the wide open patio door watching it fall. Beautiful!!
I do miss seeing snow, and was prepared to drag myself out of bed early and throw on some old thing and get out and take some pictures of how beautiful the trees looked.

Good intentions, often go by the way side with me, and instead, I fell into another deep sleep. By the time I got up the temperature had gone up and the large fluffy flakes had turned to the rainy kind of flakes that aren't nice to be out in.
The mountains are certainly hidden up there somewhere!
I only got as far as the balcony as you can see! 

I can't believe I actually got excited about SNOW!! ( I do have to admit that it's much more enjoyable when I know I don't have a large driveway with a huge drift to clear, as well as again after the plow goes by and fills it all in again!)

My daughter Lisa called this morning with the sad news of having to put down their beloved old dog Bailey.
Our pets become such a part of the family and the house will feel empty and strange for some time. We are thinking of all of you!!
Here's to Bailey!!

 A beautiful gentle giant!

It's been a sick house around here for almost 2 months. I came back from Mexico with a miserable cold, got over that, then began my treatment for those miserable pre-cancer growths on my face, neck and arms. It's been painful and ugly looking, but I'm at the end of my first two week treatment and quit using the cream on Friday night to give the outbreak a chance to heal for two weeks before I start it for another two weeks of misery! 
Meanwhile Tom caught a cold and spent a few days of misery himself! 
Today, I feel much better, slept better without the feeling like I was being stung by bees! Tom also woke up, feeling better, so we are on our way to better health....for awhile anyway!!

I have supper all ready to pop into the oven, so we can sit down and watch the Oscar's and all the glam going on!
I'm rooting for "The Kings Speech!" Great movie!!
Not often, after watching a  movie, the audience applauds with appreciation!
Colin Firth isn't hard to look at either eh?

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