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MARCH 17th
What a fun day it always is!
I'm writing this blog before St. Patricks Day, because our little group is going to be celebrating at a wonderful pub called "Dublin Crossing" and who know's the condition I'll be in when we come home. Great fun atmosphere, with wonderful friends, and a couple of B52's or Irish coffee,  add some great Irish tunes and good "craic" (Irish word for "talk" or "chat", not the other kind), to  make for a fun time!
I also wanted to show you the cute potato in the top picture and how easy it is to make to give to your Irish friends.
One potato, a small shamrock plant with a bit of green moss. Scoop out a small hole in the potato, pull apart the shamrock plant, stuff it in the hole with some moss and the plant. Little shamrock stir sticks can be bought in a package at the dollar store.
One shamrock plant will make a few.

Fun to make and fun to give!

On the weekend, I was given a 10 speed bike to try out for a while, to see if I would enjoy using it.
I thought it would be great to ride along the waterfront or even tour around Stanley Park. I've often seen the bikes for rent in the Park and always had the urge to rent one, but the opportunity never was a good time.

They say, you never forget how to ride a bike, but I beg to differ!!! The aches and pains running down my body, plus the huge chunk out of one arm, seems to confirm that I sure forgot how! 
I think it's 22 years since I last rode a bike and at that time could pedal up the huge Bay Bridge in Belleville, and ride all over town with no difficulty.
I can't believe how our bodies get old and out of shape and how we use different muscles now and some have disappeared all together! I guess it's called AGE and even worse, not keeping in shape. 


I got on the bike, thinking I could ride it up the slight little hill from our underground parking, but nixed that in a hurry when I didn't have the strength to even get the bike moving! So, shuffled it up with my legs over it. Got to the top, and still on a very slight grade, got on the bike, put my leg on the pedal to shove off, and  before I knew it I was laying on the ground! I don't even know what happened!! Did I pull the brake handle at the same time????
Blood was dripping down my arm, and handling the bike and the flowing blood was too much for me, so called Tom on my cell to come down, and bring Kleenex and help me manoeuvre the bike back into the storage room.
He came down, got on the bike and rode it the length of the lane way like he was still 16 years old!!
What a show off!

So, the bike is waiting for me to have a "feel brave" day and try it again. Not until these aches go away, before I add a few more though!
Or maybe I should stick to walking! 

Another day of rain here though, so another excuse! 
We we're out this morning and I was waiting in the cash register line with another lady and to make conversation, I commented on the weather. I sure shouldn't have done that!!! She gave me a little lecture on having the nerve to complain about a little rain when what is going on in Japan is deplorable!
She had me there! It's more then deplorable, it's a huge tragedy of immense proportions!
It's so bad, it's hard to get my head around it while viewing the pictures on TV.
Terribly heartbreaking!! With the nuclear reactor problems now and the radiation fears, things seem to go from bad to worse.

Our prayers are certainly with the people of Japan.

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