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It certainly has been awhile since my last post and I'm getting worse all the time in keeping up regular posts. I hope someone (ANYONE) missed me!
There are a few reasons for my absence, mainly it's the sheer hatred of the rainy weather and the mood it puts one in! I know this is the season in Vancouver for a whole lot of the wet stuff, but day after day of gray skies can get one down.  I do feel so very lucky though, to be living with only rain, after watching day after day of catastrophic weather happening throughout the world. My heart goes out to the people of Japan and the horrid earthquake and tsunami that happened there.
We woke this morning that the tsunami created by the same earthquake in Japan may hit Vancouver Island, but nothing happened, thank goodness!
It certainly has given us a rest from watching Charlie Sheen and his weirdness! What these people throw away, when they have the world by the tail amazes me! Imagine making two million an episode!
I have to say through, his show never attracted me enough to ever watch it.

I've also been a keeping pretty close to home as possible the past few weeks, while I underwent some treatment the dermatologist put me on for many possible pre-cancer's that are on my face, neck, and arms. In fact, in all honesty, since coming home from Mexico at Christmas, I've not been up to par. First with a miserable cold...and I mean miserable cold! It just wouldn't let go of me and pretty well dragged me to bed in misery. Then the treatment, which goes on for two weeks of applying this cream to those area's of my body, which brings out all the cancer's laying beneath the skin surface. Then I quit the cream for two weeks and tonight is the night, I start the next and final two week session of the same thing.

I'll show you a picture of my worst day, but's not pretty!!!
This was one sick day, head cold and face and neck, arms hurting like heck! Look at all those spots on my red, sore face!
I think this was also taken on my birthday!
Most of the spots have cleared up nicely, just a few nastier ones here and there. The next two weeks will kill them all off and hopefully my skin will be okay again. Too bad the cream wouldn't erase the wrinkles! I asked the doctor, but he just chuckled!
 We've been doing lots of reading while mostly housebound.
 Two books, I really enjoyed by Lori Lansens is "The Girls", and "The Wife's Tale"
The other titles are lost to me now, but my strained eyes tell me I've been reading quite a bit!

Thank goodness, I have a husband who enjoys reading also! He's into mystery books which don't interest me. Oh, I  just remembered another title was "Still Missing". It was good too.

Get Well Kass

My brother-in-law had appendicitis the other night that had burst on him. He was just released from the hospital today, after 2 days of agony.

Tom's new toy!

The lady downstairs from us had a fall and ended up in the hospital. Her scooter was left where she fell before the ambulance came, so Tom went and drove it back home for her. He throught this was a fun little ride, but says he's not ready to give up walking yet!

The warm weather will be here soon and once my face clears up again, I'll be out with my trusty camera, on more of Tom's famous "Mystery Trips" to get back into exploring Vancouver and taking pictures.

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