Friday, March 25, 2011


Remember playing marbles when kids?
Did you have a collection of different colours and sizes, and even large ball bearings?
I LOVED this game and carried my little round, glass treasures in a blue Royal Crown whiskey bag with a tie string. 
Some times, the bag would have only a few left, after a bad day at the game, and my favourite lucky solid white marble was lost in the game, but the bag next day, it could be so full, I had to carry some in my pockets!
It's a wonder I'm not a gambler, because really...this is what it is!

I don't think the kids today know of playing marbles. We live near a school and I never see the young children bouncing a ball against the wall and singing a little ditty with it. Red, white and blue rubber balls!  Nor, do I see skipping ropes anymore either. But, when I was young, I can remember my parents reminiscing about playing "Jacks" and disappointed the we kids thought that an outdated game.
Below, is the rascal woodpecker that loves to wake us with a rat-tat-tat, over and over on the medal railings of the building.  It vibrates all through the building, no matter what balcony he's on.
Yesterday, I went out and picked up a little stone and tried to tap it on the metal as fast as he does, but my hand couldn't go as fast as his beak! However, I did have him fooled and in a frenzy for a few moments when he must of thought his luck had changed and his love was nearby!
Apparently they do this to attract mates or to mark their territories.
My camera didn't pick up the red on the side of his neck.

Remember this picture I took in the summer when everything was pretty. The next picture is taken during the winter and the next picture is taken the other day when the tide was out. Isn't it amazing how Mother Nature paints the scenery different ways. 

Standing in the same spot!
Same spot again...amazing isn't it? It's what make's my walks so enjoyable. Every day it's something different, even though the same route.
The clouds look dark, but it was a beautiful warm spring day. The tide is really out, and I guess, those ships off in the horizon are waiting to come in.
 Not much water in there for a ship to come in now!
 But, nothing seems like it looks, because here's one coming in now!
 This heron must be looking in the shallows for a fish to swim by, or else cooling his feet!
I had to stop and watch this dog! Some excavation company should hire him, the way he could dig!

 He thinks he's dug his way to China!

Onward I go! The same ship, moving very slowly towards the Lion's Gate Bridge.

I cut in beside the duck pond, which is another of my favourite walks. Hardly any ducks today, they must be along the Sea Wall someplace.

The turtles out enjoying the sun.
This fellow playing a musical instrument sounded nice.
Great place to practice! This ship is an empty from the way it's sitting so far out of the water mark. Quite a few ships are going out to sea, loaded to the hilt, with what I heard is help for Japan.

It's been a COLD winter here, and lots of snow still on the mountains. Isn't this the most wonderful walk to see mountains on the right and the sea on my left, as I walk along? Vancouver is a beautiful place!

I thought I was taking a neat picture through the trees at the seagull, and then after, I was going to take one of the garden of daffodils and crocus, but my camera battery needed a recharge to work, so I'll save it for next walk.

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