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Another of my walks to share with you. 
A beautiful day walking along the SeaWall, but a very cold wind that chilled me to the bone! I wasn't dressed as well as I should have.
This picture above was taken of a pretty little gate and flowers in bloom, that looked very pretty. I don't know who  lives here, but I bet they don't know their gateway in on the internet.

I took the same picture on from a different direction.
Look at those cherry blossoms!

This was taken walking towards the ocean on our street. 

Walking under a canopy of blossoms. On the right side, a empty gas station lot sat empty for years, and I believe it's being made into a sort of little park.

 Lot's of work  going on and look at our BLUE trees!!

Onward HO! Came across this bench where it looks like Mr. Christie was being very missed and remembered with two lovely red roses tied to his memorial bench. 
It's always sad to see someone gone and missed so much!

Another beautiful tree in bloom! 
Always something pretty catches my eye!

Doesn't this picture below, look cold! It was!
 As I walked, I spotted two huge eagles flying above, but too high for me to get a picture. Then one of them swooped down and landed by the water. The wing span was huge and beautiful, and my camera was in my pocket!
 This was as close as my camera could get. Other seagulls and smaller birds bombarded the eagle. It's nest time, but why would birds build a nest when the tide would come in and wash it away??
I waited, hoping he'd take off again, and I'd get a picture, but he/she, wasn't going anywhere, and I had to leave before my face and hands froze. Also, I was looking into the sun, and wasn't sure I even had the eagle in my viewfinder.
 For those interested in watching a fantastic site go to:
It's very interesting and right now there are two eggs in the nest and tons of interesting and interactive comments from the moderator and the people visiting the site.
It made all the main news sites in Canada last year as many followed the one of two remaining little babies, right up until it was ready to leave the nest, but unfortunately, the parents must have brought in something with poison or parasites and we all watched as the baby fell over and lay gasping for breath.
Very interesting story about it, and also the countdown to when the eggs will hatch!
More shots of a flowering bush, peeking out above a wall.
My last picture on my walk. These Japanese Cherry tree's are in full bloom everywhere and so beautiful!

Well, I just heard the weather while doing this, and they said this is the last sunshine day until about the 28th of April!
All those lovely blossoms will be soon on the ground! How sad!
But...that's Vancouver for you!
When is the El Nina or whatever her name is, going to take a hike and leave us all alone!!

Happy Birthday to my little sister!!
Have a Great Birthday Roxanne, we love you!

Suzie, my sis-in-law, I hope your birthday is extra special too!!! We love you too!!!!

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