Saturday, April 16, 2011


Tom's daughter and proud to say, my Step-Daughter, is an Artist and works in many different mediums. She has at present, some of her pieces of art displayed in the office where she's employed and today, we got to see her work.
Very impressive I must say!! 
These following picture's have been made with strips of different coloured ribbons and pieces of material, all individually sewn, and woven to portray a empty, very bright and pretty  bird nest. A feather and a twig or bits of beading are also woven in. 
The picture's here, don't show it's true depth, and much better to see in person!

I love the painted background on this one, with the material overlaid to show the branch's of the tree.
Lovely colours!

I can't imagine weaving and sewing all these strips into place in such a pleasing way.
( Closer up! )

I think this is my favourite! Love the background and colours!

Oop's, a bird found this one and left some eggs!

This picture displays better the size of this artwork.
Please meet the ARTIST and her very proud father who wonder's just where this talent came from!
This was taken in the boardroom where Meredith work's and I wish I'd taken the picture from the end of the boardroom table to show better of how stunning it looked in there.

Meredith and another large piece!
I think this is my favourite....I think....maybe!

Wouldn't this artwork look fantastic in a room with these colours!

My opinion is the green wall in the background does NOT to these piece's of art justice!
It just didn't bring out the "WOW factor being there did!
Fantastic work Meredith!!

After enjoying the art show, we all went for brunch.
Starting at the wall is Dave and Meredith, in the middle is Jenny and Ed (Dave's parent's), and on the end is Tom and myself!

Heading home now and snapped a picture from the car, of the flowering tree's that are everywhere it seems, which just adds to the beauty of Vancouver!

 Another from the car! It's freezing here in Vancouver today!

All car shots as we drive along!

Taken from the car as we drive over the Lion's Gate Bridge, with Park Royal to the left, where I often walk to and shop sometimes! 

My feeble Easter display! No chocolate this year! Being good instead!

Group Lunch for April!

Ahhhh! The gals are at it AGAIN!! Only now, we are corrupting the young with our B52's!
This is cute Amy, who is Bill and Dianne's daughter, who could join us at the Paddlewheeler Pub in the New Westminster Quay.
Hey! Look at the empty beer glass in front of her. If you could have seen what was in front of us, you'd have seen empty coffee cups!
And to think WE are corrupting Amy...ha!!
She looks full of devilment too!!
 These guys just look too happy!!! Wait until they get the bill!!

Now, this is the part where we ladies get ourselves deep into a conversation, very unaware the bill has been presented. This is what Dianne calls a "Blue Job", meaning it's the men that look after this part of lunch!

Hmm, will we have enough money??

Doug to the rescue!!! (You're paying it OUT Doug, don't look so happy!)

That's it folk's!!
See you soon!

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