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Yup, I've been out walking again trying to lose some weight and get rid of this big caboose that follows me around!

Up and away by 7 am, walking as fast as my fat little legs will carry me! This dieting and exercising is miserable and the results are so slow! I swear the bathroom scale is broken and stuck on one figure and won't budge!

I've been eating all the right things and getting sick of tuna! After buying 4 more cans of it the other day, I get an email about how we should all shop in Canada and how Highliner fish and cans of tuna look at first glance on the can that they are canned in Canada. Well, look again, and it says Canned for Canada, packed in Thailand in much smaller print! The email I received, also said how they are packed on fish farms and I remember watching on television a ways back about the very unsanitary conditions in fish farms in Thailand! Anyone out there want 4 cans of tuna??
Yesterday, I was into the store again, and looked at ALL the brand choices and ALL packed in Thailand!!!!

When I bought the tuna, I also bought a jar of bread and butter pickles, and later, after reading the email
and finding out many of the pickles are packed in India, I went and looked at what I had just purchased and sure enough...they are from India!
After watching The Amazing Race, and the scenes of India, I don't want to eat anything from there!!
One jar of pickles and 4 cans of tuna....want them?

Everything is so serene in the morning just as the day begins.
 Off to Dundarve again! I know I promised a new scenic route, but there is no way, I'm walking into the woods this early in the morning, without Tom with me. I'll go on an afternoon walk through there!

The next three pictures are at the beginning of my walk, though a park area, before I get to the Sea Wall.

 Very pretty isn't it!

Below: Something I would have loved to have seen is this family of killer whales that went through Vancouver yesterday. This picture is not mine, but from the Vancouver Sun.
This is right by Stanley Park, just across the water from us.
They eat seals, so I wonder if they got our seals that hang around the pier all the time.

I hope these guys are going for a smaller catch!

 I'm standing on the pier in Dundarave and the sun is moving higher up! I wore too much clothing and this looks like a lovely day coming on!
I counted 15 ships here, waiting their turn to get to Vancouver's port to either pick up a load to export or to import a load, likely from India or Thailand or China for Canada!!!
This bugs me!!! BUY CANADIAN!!!!
This seagull was soaking his tired feet!

 From the pier looking up at Dundarave.

Pretty little statue.

These two pictures below is a mural on the side of a building that I often pass by, but never really looked at until this morning.
It must depict what the area was back in another era. Look at the little Indian villages and the sailing ships and of course the mountains. What a beautiful place back then, but it's still a very beautiful place, only in a very different way!

 I've often noticed these flowers on my walk and thought maybe it was a breed of poinsettia plant, but as I walked further, I noticed a big bush of them. Anyone know what these are?

Ahh, I've finally reached Delany's where I have my morning coffee and call my sister on my iPhone. She lives on Amherst Island in Ontario and we haven't chatted in awhile. They bought a home on the Island near Kingston, Ontario and it's around some farms and right on the water. She's having some problems with leaching from the farms into the soil and through their property into the Bay of Quinte. 
Maybe the Ministry of Environment should have a look at these farms!
We had much to talk about and a good chance for me to take a little rest before heading home. I take the sidewalk beside Marine Drive, coming home, which is heavy traffic and not very scenic, so no pictures, but lot's of trees to shade my way without the sun blinding my walk.

Home now and work to do!!
Weather forecast is 3 days of rain, so....what else is new!!
By the way...Vancouver is buzzing about the hockey game playoff's on Sunday against the San Jose Sharks. If they win on Sunday, there will be a hoopla of celebration going on here!!
Go Canucks!!!

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