Tuesday, May 17, 2011



5am, and there is a huge racket outside our open bedroom patio door. The crows where cawing and making such a ruckus that it was impossible to sleep. I thought maybe one of their babies had fallen from the nest, and they we're frantic for it's safety.
So, good old Linda, gets out of bed, get's dressed and out I go to see if I can save a baby bird somehow.

The birds quieted right down when I was looking around the ground for a baby, but then I looked up and a huge racoon was looking back!
Not much I was going to do about that!

Soon as I got back upstairs, I went out on the balcony and again the crows where going crazy!
I got these two pictures as the racoon, finally began to make it's way down the tree.
I didn't see it leave, but the birds quickly stopped their cawing and all was quiet again!!
Peace at last!!!

Well, I'm up, so away I go for my early morning walk.
Nothing much to show you except a few more shots of the swan at the lagoon.

The mom swan is still sitting on her nest, although she did peep her head up for a look around, but I keep going down that way, hoping to see the babies riding on the mom's back.

The contrast between the pure white of the swan in the reflection of the dark water is so pretty that I could  stay watching them for hours!

I'm not sure if he had something in his mouth here, or if it was a duck passing by.

The weather is finally warming up, and we even seen the sun, and a day without rain!! Wow!

Tom's son sent this to me this afternoon and it gave me a giggle!
When will men just give up ever trying to figure us women out and just accept we are the superior species!

I finally got the book that will help me understand women better (not 'well', but better).

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