Sunday, June 26, 2011


One last post and then I'm off in a big plane heading home!
It's funny, how I've lived here for 6 years and yet, I still call Belleville home, although this is my home too, and I once I'm in Belleville, I'll be saying I'm heading home to Vancouver!
Go figure?

I'm excited, my suitcase is full, and starting to bulge at the sides, but I still have so many last minute things to put in it. I'm down to little things now, but, I can't relax, my blood pressure readings are climbing and I'm fretting all the time about something or other, and worrying how Tom will be, will he have enough groceries, enough clean laundry, enough of everything! He think's I'm nuts, and say's that he's perfectly capable of looking after himself and now he's into often repeating, "Oh gawd, can I take you to the airport NOW!!"
I have the feeling he's looking forward to bachelorhood! But, he'll miss me when I'm gone....I think!
We were at the Library the other day and this foreign blond lady, attached herself to MY HUSBAND, and wants him to teach her English!!! Yeah right!! I didn't fall off a a turnip truck yesterday!!!
I'm not worried about him though, and we are both very trusting about each other, and besides....I have spy's everywhere watching him! I may be trusting but not a fool! 
Ha ha ha!

Meet Ned!
Now this a neat story! Walking the seawall everyday, I cross paths with this fellow and his friend, walking the opposite way, and when I first saw him back in March, he looked very familiar to me.
So, one day after I came home, I asked Tom if his friend Hamo, who lives in Australia, had a brother. Tom said he did and he lived here in the area. So, I mentioned that I often see this man who looks exactly like his friend Hamo, who I have only met for about an hour, six long years ago, along with his wife Sherry..(who I wished lived here, as we get along like a house on fire!)
So, yesterday, Hamo's wife Sherry, who came back to BC for a visit, dropped up to see us for sadly a very short visit, with  our tongue's wagging very fast to get in all we had to say with only such a short time, but how pleased we were that she took the time to stop in!
While she was here, I asked about Hamo's brother and she told me YES, he walked the Seawall early every morning, with his friend. Yes, she said he looked very much like Hamo!
So, today, I spoke to him and Sherry had told him in advance that I'd be saying hello and it WAS Hamo's brother, Ned!
I don't know many people here at all, so it's nice to have a new acquaintance. It turns out that Ned and Tom also know each other too!

Now, I have been really worried about my lack of memory lately and can't remember squat anymore, but let me tell you this!
For good looking men, my memory is as sharp as a tack! My memory for a handsome face, is a good as an elephants memory which I believe is good for 100 years, so I have a few good years yet! Too bad it wouldn't work as well for ordinary, everyday things, like "where are my keys?"

My trusty camera is always in my pocket, so here's some more pictures along my walk.

Cute little sculpture someone took the time to make. It's balanced pretty darn good on that pointed bottom rock!

 If he fell off that slippery rock, it would have made a better picture!

I sure hope the guy has his fishing licence with him, because here comes the BC Coast Guard!

Look at that log rolling in! How'd you like to hit that will a small boat!

Lost in thought I took the low road through the park.

At this time of the day, as I write this, the whole area will be jammed packed with people having picnics. Already, on the other side of that little shelter, a man was lighting a huge BBQ.

I expect everyone is getting sick of seeing a heron in all my pictures, but they are so prehistoric looking, and it stands still for me, so I can't help it!
For age's now, I've tried to catch on in flight, but always JUST miss it!
Check out the next picture!!

Success, finally!!!

For my Auntie Irene, this is for you! 
Heathcliff...."Ohhhh Gertrude, turn around and talk to me. I'm sorry for saying you look like a ghost! Actually, you do look pretty in that colour, even if they used too much bleach on you!!"

(I try to make you smile Irene and every seagull I see now, I'm thinking of you, and I'm trying to think up captions!

Okay Folks, I just remembered I have to do laundry too! So, I'm off with my pail and scrub board and brush to wear my fingers to the bone!
Back after Ontario where  two parties are waiting, a day of watching my daughter's whole family and herself, playing in the pipeband for Canada Day, seeing my sister and going in a car rally, my brother and sis-in law are driving from St. Catharines to visit (another party), spending time with my Grandson on his birthday, visiting with my oldest dearest friend, and a few other oldest dearest friends, and having many good chats and laughs with both my daughter and grandson and granddaughters and many, many more fun and wonderful times! 
No wonder I'm excited!
My camera will be HOT from using it so much!

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