Wednesday, June 22, 2011


At least, according to the calendar, June 21's was the beginning of summer. Here in Vancouver, it feels like the beginning of spring!  Our weather this year just hasn't been anything to brag about! Yesterday and today, the sun came out and there sure are many people in shorts with very white legs! Me included!

Here, sadly are the last picture's of the swans with their babies, and then I'll tell you the sad news.

I went down to take them some cracked corn and seed yesterday and NO babies in sight! I asked a city worker where the babies had gone, and he said, they had taken them away from the parents last night. They had their wings clipped, making them fodder for predators like racoons, and skunks, plus, as they grow, the lagoon isn't large enough for that many swans, plus they breed like crazy!

He admitted it seemed cruel, but better for the babies, and sadly it's sad to see the parents  doing nothing but constantly circling the Lagoon searching for their children.

(I've searched here 5 times now and I can't find them!)

(Maybe they are hiding in the brambles? Hellooooo!)

Has anyone seen our babies?)

I had tears in my eyes watching them search! SO SAD!

A big heron was in the water at the Lagoon as well. I love this place, and could sit here all day long, just watching what happens next. I wish I had a new digital camera with a HUGE zoom!

More pictures along my walk! 

Father's Day!
Three generations here! Father Tom, Son, Martin and Bryron, Great Grandson and Grandson!
Bryron gave his Grandfather and Great-Grandfather, a gift of a plane, so they could all fly them together!

Tom's daughter Meredith and husband Dave (almost hidden behind the plant.) They made a delicious lunch for everyone.


Ed with his niece Taya. Ed is Toms's grandson, and Taya is his Great-Grandaughter.

Taya, who is the sweetest little girl, who is ALWAY'S smiling!!

 Tom with his children, Martin and Meredith.

I LOVE this picture of my husband!

Three Father's. Dave is Meredith's husband and his children(two daughters, hadn't arrived yet.) 

Another morning walk!
If I don't see the swans, I watch the dog in the park, romping and playing like children. It's a little early this morning for the dog walkers, but a few dogs had a playtime.

I keep trying to get a picture of these herons in flight, but haven't been successful yet!

Another mom and her babies! 

Whew!! Made it here, and heading for a coffee now before heading home!

It's a lovely walk and I do enjoy it very much and so glad it's become a habit and has helped me to be healthier.
The seawall twists and turns, and there is always so much to see and many familiar faces along the way who always greet with a cheerful "Good Morning!"

Today's picture's

For Auntie Irene
Gertrude and Heathcliff
(Heathcliff, why do we Seagulls fly over the Sea?)
(Gertrude.. because if we fly over the bay, we'd be called Bagels!)

Sorry Auntie, best I could come up with!!
Love you!

My next blog will be about my vacation to Toronto, to spend two days with a very special best friend of mine of about 40 or so years. We haven't seen each other in over 20 years although we talk on the phone many times in a week. I'm so excited to talk and laugh (which we do constantly) with each other.
Then, I'm heading to Belleville, Ontario to visit with my family and I'm SUPER excited to see them all and have fun with all the activities they have planned!!
I'll have many stories and pictures to share with you!!!

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  1. Hi Linda, I am a friend, and neighbor of Cathy Kiser's who lives next door to me. She mentioned that she had a friend who loved to take pictures, just like me and she told me I should check out your blog, so here I am. I hope you don't mind me becoming a follower of your blog. :)

    Your photos are very beautiful, that you take on your walks. I love your Swan photos. That is very sad to here about them taking the cygnets from their parents. That would be heart breaking.

    If you get a chance when you are home in Belleville, you will have to take a walk on the waterfront trail, and along the Bay. It is so Beautiful, with lots of wild life, and swans. If you check out my blog you will see pictures of the swans I took last summer,along with many of my photos that I took along the Bay, and waterfront trails, which I love to walk, and bike with my camera.
    You have a beautiful blog here and I enjoyed looking through some of your photos.

    Have a safe trip and a wonderful time while back home in Belleville. I don't usually mention where I am from on my blog for security reasons. Sorry this is so long.
    Take care.
    Dianne :)


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