Monday, July 25, 2011


Ahhhhh, the fun of meeting up with old friends. Some I have pictures of, and some I forgot to take pictures!
But every moment spent with these people are what contributes to make my visits home so enjoyable.

Below, is Janette, who is a new friend I met, and is Mike's mom. We hit it off right away, and enjoyed each other's company. I wish we lived closer!!
Ohhh my!! Look at us bad girls, drinking on the job!!
Actually, it was non-alcoholic drinks!
Working  at Loyalist was so much fun with great people!
L-R..Jennifer (full of mischief!)
Lynn, who I worked with in the Library for a few years. We just laughed the whole time while driving our boss half nuts!
Mary, who went for ice to get this party started!
Norma, who I "toiled" with for many years in the Health Centre, an
d enjoyed every minute of those years and the years after when we never lost that friendship.
 Jen, who works hard but remains always upbeat and full of fun.
 Lynn, who gave us a guide of all the very impressive, new and modern facilities. Brenda was my computer guru when I had a problem. A very sweet person!

L-R Norma, Laura, Pearl. So great to see them!

 Gary, a very long time friend and husband of Dianne.
Looking good Gary!!

 Norma a VERY good friend!
 Lynn, another VERY good friend!!
 Marilyn, who never ages!! Marilyn was always the "heart" of the College! She is wonderful at keeping me up to date on "what's happening" for which I'm eternally grateful!
 Sweet Caroline! Always smiling and friendly! I don't think I've ever seen a frown on this friends face!
 Kathy! Been through some hard times, but keeps on moving through life with a great attitude. Looking forward to seeing you next year!
 Dianne...I've had so many laughs with this gal over the years on many occasions! We had a lovely heart to heart sitting in the Library before I came here, that I will never forget and will be always grateful for her caring. Dianne is Gary's wife!
I love being around this friend! What a powerhouse she is too! I wouldn't want to be her enemy!!! Go girl go!!!
 The Legends!!
Hopefully, more of the Legends of Loyalist will join us next year as the year winds closer towards  retirement.
Same time next year eh?

 Family and Friend 
Richard, father of my Grandsons and always a good friend with the new lady in his life Carol. Nice horse too, but forget it's name!

 These two again! Mike's mom and I showing off the same colour eyes! I think we had too much wine also!
 Carla, hired to take my position in the Library when I moved to the Health Centre!
Another "Legend", Dianne with a beautiful smile!
 Dianne and I, just remembering old times!
 Harold and Joan
The other Grandparents of our Grandsons! Wonderful people!

Enjoying the Ontario heat in a park by the water and just chatting with Norma, Lisa (Clare's daughter) and Clare, and on the right is Lisa's children Maryssa and Cory. 

 Clare, another of my very best and very long time friends. This woman has more talent in her baby finger then Mike Holmes the builder, any cook or caterer. She can make anything with a needle and thread and is just a Superwoman with so much modesty, and one huge heart!

 Enjoying "another" lunch and good chatter!
Marilyn...having a beer???? Good for you!!!

That's it for the pictures I took, but missed a few friends when I forgot the camera or missed seeing them at all!
See you next summer!
Thanks for the fun time and wonderful friendship!!

Tommorrow...More Family and fun on Amherst Island!
Later, Events and more fun!

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