Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Amherst Island and family

The first of the famed 1000 Islands (actually closer to 1850 Islands)
Situated at the end of Lake Ontario, into the Bay of Quinte, and onto the St. Lawrence Island, skipping past the city of Kingston, Ontario.
If you've never had a chance to take a boat tour of the 1000 Islands, out of Gananoque, it's one fabulous and beautiful trip you shouldn't miss!

I arrived by Ferry, and short and enjoyable little ride.
My reason for going was to visit my sister Roxanne and her husband Kass, who moved to Amherst Island in December!
I was very anxious them, as well to see their new home on Front Road, right on the water and a short distance from the Ferry.

Look at these quaint and very old buildings, in the little village of "Stella"
In business too!!

Like going back in time! From the hustle and bustle of the city to a complete other way of life.
As I drove to see Roxanne and Kass, every car that met me on the road gave a friendly wave.

I've arrived at Roxanne and Kass's new home with the sign out front to show true
 feeling's of a their Dec. marriage and home and happiness "AT LAST".

Look at the view from their back yard! Beautiful!!

Loveable Pets...this is Sophie
Below is "Purple".

This little scamp is "TJ"

These Canada geese are NOT pets!! But they arrive often to at least look at their home, but because of that yellow tape all around the property and the property next door, deters them from coming onto the shoreline and grass. The people on the other side feeds the geese, and they don't put up yellow tape, and they are frequent visitors there! Yuk! What a mess they leave! So, if you have a Canada geese problem put up the yellow tape and for some reason they never cross it! Neat trick eh?

There is another cat, called Desi, who is very shy, and I didn't get a picture of him, a lovely reddish cat.

 Look at the beautiful sunsets they get at night! Wow!

 A mass of colourful hollyhocks! I haven't seen these flowers since I was a child! Does anyone remember making little ladies out of the blossoms? When we we're kids, my childhood friend  and I would play dancing girls with them. My brother surprised me by making me one! I wish I'd taken a picture!
 Kass enjoying the weather and a good book!
 I love this big tree, but then I have a thing for trees!

Roxanne and I took the Ferry to Kingston to do some grocery shopping to prepare for our brother Mike, and our sister-in-law Wanda and Cousin Mike Jr. to arrive the next day.

That's tomorrow's blog!!!
Stay tuned!

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