Monday, August 1, 2011

Amherst Island, Day 4

 It's time to say goodbye to Mike, Wanda and Mike Jr. as they head home to St. Catharines. It was a fantastic visit and we are all looking forward to next year, when we meet again. There is talk of a reunion of the whole family and turning Roxanne and Kass's yard into a "tent city!" Wouldn't that be fun!

Nice picture of Roxanne!
 So, off we go again for another day of exploring.
Roxanne and Kass had an invite over to a friends home for a visit, so I got to go also. I'm terribly sorry, but I have forgotten this nice ladies name! I was introduced to so many people over a short time, that now, my memory fails me!
This is their beautiful log home that they built. Lovely place!

Caught this little hummingbird having a drink!
 A lovely little meditation clearing down by the water! Very peaceful with many bird sounds.

 The end of another day!
 We all go for a after dinner walk before bed. It's been a wonderful and fun visit and so great to visit this new couple and their new home! A busy couple too!! Very involved with the going's on with Amherst Island, especially with the issue of the dreaded Wind Turbines!! They seem to have made a good fit with their new surroundings and enjoying life to the fullest.
Tomorrow, I head back to Belleville to spend very valuable time with my family and friends, before heading home, so more blog to come and if interested...stick around!!
More to follow!

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