Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day Three on Amherst Island

Off to see Amherst Island with our tour guides, Roxannne and Kass
Our first stop was to a yard sale, but being Canada Day, sale tables where very limited, however Mike came home with a bird house and some feeders.
Next to the Museum and a replica of the old school house!
Roxanne fits right in, although she taught all her adult years, I wouldn't call her a replica!!
She looks right at home with a big smile for her students!
 Oop's! Spoke too soon! Looks like someone is getting a severe warning! I don't think she ever taught when Queen Victoria's picture was ever on the wall either!

Next stop to an auction, but it was a "man's auction!" No pretty things, just old farm machinery. Not too interesting for us city folks!

My brother Mike and I
 Roxanne..."Where's the bargains??"
On the far side of the Island and a beautiful rocky beach.

 Roxanne, looking for special rocks!

 What are they looking at ??  The sad destruction on Wolfe Island with the Wind Turbines that are driving the people on Wolfe Island crazy with the noise with the "womp, womb, womb sounds they make day and night and it never quits, as well as the killing of birds that fly into them. People are trying to sell their homes because of the noise, health issues and the disruption it's caused to their lives. The government had initially said 30 Wind Turbine's we're to be installed, but all of a sudden up went 80 or so! From what I understand, the houses have all depreciated in value and Wolfe Island is no longer the quiet place it was.
What a sad sight and even more sad, is they want to install Wind Turbines on this beautiful little peaceful Amherst Island. 
There is quite a lot of dissention dividing the people of Amherst over this move by the Government regarding the Wind Turbines and from what I've learned and read, I can understand why the people don't want these turbines at all.

A beautiful, pictureresque Island! For now, unless these unsightly turbines can be stopped!

This was so cute! The little dog was extremely intent on watching what was going to come up on the end of this man's fishing hook.
We've had another delicious dinner and all quite full as well as tired now, as the sun falls on the horizon. 
And the moon comes out! 
Ahhhh, this is life! Sitting and relaxing and sharing stories around the campfire! 
For a moment...all is quiet! 
Until, my rotten sister, tries to shove a HUGE marshmallow into my mouth!!!!
Is this sisterly love?

  1. Looks like my brother has fallen asleep! Time to say goodnight! 

Goodnight, until my last day and a half on Amherst which may not get published until Monday.
Things to do tomorrow!

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