Saturday, August 6, 2011

Continued from last post

My pictures wouldn't load anymore, maybe I had too many on one post, but here are just a few more.
Happy times with my daughter, Lisa

One of those shots where  Matt's eyes are at half mask....He was ready for bed after a hard day at work!

Fun group!! Great drinks! Thansks gals!

Puff Balls! (My brother loves them and would have loved to have one of these, but didn't know they were here!)

TJ! The little dog we gave to Roxanne!

These lilies where all over Eastern Ontario!
Cow's trying to keep cool! Again...don't see these in the city, so fun to see again! SO MANY things I miss!
Huge tree at Roxanne and Kass's.
Lovely place you have in Amherst Island!

I LOVE trees!

Linda on the Ferry back to Kingston, Ontario
My VERY favourite sister!!!!! Love her!! Only have one!
It's 6 A.M and Lisa is up and trying on her own to put up this canopy over the deck! I got up to help! What big mosquitoes out there too!!

We women can do anything!!

Bridge Street bridge in Belleville
That fun gang again, "The Legends". 

Picture from the bridge near Lisa and Mike's house.
The Woodlawn Inn in Cobourg, where Lisa and I went for lunch in this very historical home built in 1835.
Great buffet!
Sassy, still looking at the baby birds in the next just under the boards. He'd sit for hours watching them!
Erin, Erica and Sarah, in Napanee, near Belleville (home of Avril Levigne), and we noticed this sign that McRibs are back, and sadly placed right where the cows can read the sign! Could make them a little nervous!!
Grandma having fun with her Granddaughters!

Mother and daughters.....great looking bunch!!
Gizmo and the bird he's terrified of.

Sarah high in the clouds, while jumping on the trampoline.
Erica doing a flip! She has her Grandmother's red hair!
The Rogues of Northumberland Pipe Band. (Erin on the right)
Peter and Erin
Roxanne and Kass
Matthew's Girlfriend Erica, and I love her! Such a sweet girl!
Toronto Union Station. A grand old place at one time, and it's been years since I've been here, so was very disappointed in the way it now looks. However, they are building a new train station next door, but I hope they don't tear down this historical place.
I took the train from Toronto to Belleville and that was another HUGE highlight of my trip. Loved it!!
Statue near Union Station. I took a picture of the front of this guy, but won't show you that!!
Beautiful Views up here.
Made me think many thoughts of a friend of mine who passed away, the same day, I had planned on calling him!
I'll miss you Grant!

Showing my plane almost home in Vancouver

That's it for now.

Back home and lot's more to tell you about later.
Hope everyone is or has or will be enjoying their holiday too!

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