Sunday, August 21, 2011


Amazing how fast it takes to forget how to do this little project! I have to think about every move I make. I think my brain is working in a slower mode! I also hope this little image I included works, because they disappear whenever I post these sometimes.

Beautiful summer weather followed me home from Ontario when home in June and it's still hanging in there with lovely temperature's and no rain...until tomorrow, when we are supposed to have showers and then right back to the heat and sunshine again for what the weather man says another week!

I've been hanging out on the beach more this year than ever before and it's just like our Sandbanks beach (in Prince Edward County, near Belleville),minus the big logs that roll in, and the huge ships that roll out!
The beach is crowded every day and people swimming and kayaking, sailing and getting lots of vitamin D stored up for our long wet winter season.
I met this lady on the beach and we've become friends and sit and enjoy chats and laughs. Yvonne has a wonderful sense of humour.
Yesterday, I suggested we go to the movies, and took her to see "The Help". Yvonne is a black lady and sitting in the sun, has even darkened her skin even more. She has beautiful white teeth and a huge smile.
Yvonne wasn't sure what to think of seeing a moving like "The Help", which is about the black maids they once had in the South and the horrible way they treated them.
We sat in the back row, and when the lights where out, Yvonne disappeared!(Did I mention, she has a great sense of humour?)
We were into the show a good 10 minutes before two older ladies came in late and stubbled around for a seat, and decidedly took the back row, but they could only see me!! The one lady, was about to lower herself right on top of Yvonne, before stepping on her foot, while have her rear end stuck in Yvonne's face.
The lady, jumped, turned around and Yvonne smiled at her with these huge white teeth, which was all that could be seen. The lady nearly jumped out of her skin right there!!
Of course we had a good laugh over it all.

I'm still walking every morning, my longest stretch at one time was 5 miles, but I usually only have the energy for 3-4 miles. The scales will NOT move!!!
However, still taking picture's and here's a few.
My walks usually begin about 6:30, and just in time to see the cruise ships returning to Vancouver from Alaska.

I never get tired of seeing them, they look so pretty and how I often wish, I was heading out on one for a holiday!

These guys I see every morning and sometimes I can walk by without taking a pictures...sometimes I can't!

All the people on this ship are up having their last breakfast and feeling sad at how fast their cruise went and it's all over!!

All the ducks are in a row....good sign!

Love the old log and so does the seagull.

These crows visit us in the mornings, and somedays will sit in this trance state, without moving , with their mouths open like above. I wonder why they do that? Anyone know?

Some ambition person did some rock art along the seawall.
That's it for today, but, I have much to tell you and show you with pictures. Ambleside has been a busy place this summer with many fun events going on!
More later.
Hope everyone is well!!!

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  1. Sandy Komhyr (Kilgour)September 1, 2011 at 8:36 AM

    I think I know why the crows are sitting there with their beaks open! I have done the same thing myself while looking at your beautiful pictures. They are looking at something and are in awe of what they see. Breath taking view that has left them speechless.

    Linda you really need to put your photo graphs into a book. Thanks for sharing them with us.


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