Tuesday, December 20, 2011

day 2 in hospital

One day AFTER Tom's operation

 Tom looks fantastic today, but boy oh boy, is he out of it with the drugs.
His eyes, are just not sharp looking but his sense of humour is strongly in high gear!

 He's still in the observation room, and getting much attention. He has the nurses laughing and telling them stories, some of which they aren't sure is true.
This is Julie, one of the nurses.
 This is Stephanie, who Tom could only hear from behind the closed curtains at first, and he swore it was me talking, as he though we both sounded the same and used the same expressions. He thought I had come to take over the hospital and was telling them all what to do.....which I suppose I do at times...a fault of mine!
They had to convince him I wasn't there!
 When I first got to his room, the cleaning man came into the room and Tom asked him if he'd fix the clock, because he couldn't tell the correct time if it was 7pm or 7 am. This balloon was what he thought was a clock!
Man! What a trip he was on!!
He was also convinced they had removed 12 feet of his colon, and I had to convince him it was 1 foot.
 What a trooper, up and walking a little in hall, and still cracking the jokes.
He wanted me to leave my cell phone with him, so I did.
I left about 1:30 so he could get some rest and I was going to walk to the Quay, some 15 blocks away..and downhill, and then buy some soup for the freezer and some fruit then take the bus home from there.
When I got home he was on the answering machine talking, so I rushed to the phone. He sounded confused with everything he was talking about, and extremely out of reality. I had told him earlier that his son Martin would be in this evening. Well, he kept wondering when his brother Ed was coming. Ed is his brother who passed away about 8 years ago. He was so worried about Ed!
I asked him to let me talk to the nurse, and then I heard her asking at the same time if she could talk to me, and she asked him my name and he was trying to remember that!
She came on and asked if this was normal at all, and I told her absolutely not, that he so confused it scares me. Apparently he tried to get up and go home after I left, and then he was calling me on my cell phone nearly every 15 minutes, leaving messages on the answering machine here at home, that I hope I can keep on the machine for him to hear himself when he get's home.
So, they were going to call the doctor to get his medication changed and take away the cell phone for now, until he was more himself.
Those drugs can certainly alter the mind!
But, he's doing well, was sitting up in a chair for awhile, but then had some pain, so they upped the medication for him, which likely was what made him worse after I had left.
I hope tomorrow things will be much better and he's has his very intelligent mind back again.
More tomorrow...

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