Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 2 After Toms Surgery

Tom's second day after surgery.

Tom has had a very difficult time with the medication given to him and the poor man is so confused about where he is and why he is there.
He's tried to come home and phoned almost every 15 minutes the whole of last night.
He's also exhausted, not having had much sleep at all and no food of course since Saturday.

However, they are going to lessen the dosage of the drugs given, but not sure which one is causing the problem, or just the whole cocktail he's been given.

Apparently, this is quite common and not to worry, that he'll bounce back to his normal self in a few days.
The doctor was in when I was there and he said he won't be home for Christmas, but that's not a priority at all.

He is on his feet and is able to walk up the hall with assistance, and his stomach is quite distended with gas, and I'm sure when he starts to thaw out down there, he'll feel MUCH better.

I'm tired, worn to a frazzle and about to head to the bath and very early to bed.
Meredith is visiting him tonight and stopping here to pick up his iPad2 which he desperately  wants to have with him. I don't like the idea, as things have a way of disappearing in hospitals and I'm also afraid of it falling should he drift off to sleep, but he's relentless about wanting it.

That's it for now, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for him.

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