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I couldn't resist a laugh at my expense, by posting this fun picture of myself. Do you like my new glasses and my weight loss?
I was playing with a photo program last night and sat and laughed at my new look I created! I look like a martian.

I did get new reading glasses though and what a difference! I had been using dollar store glasses and apparently they were too strong for my eyes, plus one eye is weaker then the other. Ahhh, another wee step into old age!
Below: Some pictures I took last weekend at a wonderful Clarke family dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. 
Most of you who follow the blog will recognize Bill and Dianne, and hopefully Tom and I too!
Lovely family!

Me thinks...I need a new bra! The girls are hanging pretty low!
 We home from somewhere and the crows outside we're causing a huge ruckus, outside the patio door. We knew something was up, so went out and here this racoon had made it's way on top of  a tree, and was having a hard time finding a good way down. The crow's kept bombarding it, and it was fun to watch the dilemma the raccoon was in.
I don't like racoons!! Too many stupid people let their cats stay out at night, and sometimes in the dark hours of the night or wee early morning hours, you can hear the scream of a animal caught by the many racoons around here. Could be coyote's too, but I doubt a bear would be around, although they have been sighted just across the road, but that would be extremely rare, I would think.
Within a day or two, there are poster's of missing cats, attached to telephone poles here and there, and it makes me so sad to think about their loving animals possible fate.

Christmas is showing up everywhere...well, since Halloween candy went on sale anyway!
These Christmas trees are decorated by the merchants and some are also in memory of a loved one who have passed away. A lovely tribute I think!
They are in Dundarave and I every year, I find it so astonishing that these trees are left with beautiful decorations and light, for a whole month, unattended, and nobody, steals any of the decorations or lights! There is some goodness left in the world!

That's moi standing there!

I don't know how many Christmas tree's stand here, but it takes awhile to look at them all. At night the lights are turned on, and Tom and I will have to drive up to see them this month. We could walk the Seawall, I suppose, but I hate being out at night anymore for very long! But we MAY just stroll up and have dinner and take in the festivities and huge bon fire and the Carol Ships that go by.

Look at all the new little cars hung on this tree, and they will remain there untouched....amazing!

Fishing lures on the one below.

Loved this one below from the Fire Dept. Even boots and helmet beside it and look at the toys hung also.

Another early morning walk!
These trees are holding on to their leaves and not relinquishing their beauty much to my delight!
I have this thing with tree's! Love them!
Same morning, not one adjustment on my camera, just a turn of the body in another direction as the sun comes up over Vancouver. Rarely do I attempt to make adjustments! I love the Intelligent Auto built in! 

Love this in shadow picture of the man watching the ducks in the water. 
Someone does all these stone balancing, and it's amazing to see how well they are balanced. Too bad the tide comes in and knocks them over, but whoever builds them is persistent and they are right back again.

This is just a small portion of the balanced rocks. I've never seen anyone doing it, they are just there! Maybe we have mystical mermaids playing in the night! 

How can I not enjoy walking when looking at such a beautiful world and a new day beginning.

Again, within minutes the sky changes, the clouds move, the sun reaches higher in the sky and I just can't resist pulling the camera from my pocket and capturing nature in all it's glory!
I know you looking at these photo's may be getting tired of many of the same shots, and I'm sorry, but I love every one of them and just get so excited at what I see, I want to share it with you.

I wonder where this ship is heading and what kind of sea's it will encounter. What is all that cargo? Is it Canadian goods being exported or are those empty containers, heading to China or Thailand or wherever, to be  filled with cheap goods and brought back to Canada, which if possible, I refuse to buy anymore. I prefer to shop for Canadian made goods.

Continuing now past the Lagoon and took a peek in. Two muskrats where in the contraption for keeping out debris and maybe keeping the water moving...I'm not sure what it's for, but there are fish in there, and the muskrats were after their breakfast. One took a dive when me saw me near, and I only caught this one.
Last night, we had an invitation for dinner at Tom's sister Isabelle and husband Ken's home for one of Ken's delicious plank salmon BBQ dinner. Isabelle always puts out such good munchies, before dinner, and it's hard to stay out of them, to save room for a delectable dinner! 
This lucky couple just came back from Palm Spring, then Arizona and heading off in a few days for a cruise to the French Polynesia Islands for a 27 day. Then...back to Palm Springs for a few months!
I'm green with envy!
But still wish them a wonderful Bon Voyage and hope they enjoy their vacation!
What a team in getting the meal ready! It was usual! 
I wanted a picture of brother and sister, Tom and Isabelle, and took it, and then we began taking pictures of the rest of us. That picture I took of  Tom and Isabelle, has just disappeared from my camera and it was the only one we didn't look at after. I guess it never took! The one I wanted of them together!
Oh well...Ken and I got our picture taken! It turned out! 
Ken and Isabelle's turned out!

Tom and I made it through the camera's parts and pieces, but I don't know what happened to Tom and Belle's.
Guess, the camera just couldn't handle their good looks! 
 My goodness, are we getting old or what!!!
My Aunt Colleen thought that was REALLY me in a normal picture at the beginning of this blog!
COLLEEN!!!!!!! How could you?????
Here's some more laughs for you!

Frog Face
Scared myself!!

I'm just a dizzy old thing entertaining myself!!

Bye until next time!

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