Monday, November 21, 2011


Gathering nuts is such hard work!

Frost above British Properties which is very high up on the mountain, so they may have snow up there, but we won't have any down here.

 I wonder how many bears are roaming around up there?
 When I reach Dunderave and turn around to walk home, the sun is just beginning to appear, and the scenery is just so darn beautiful, and so changing every few moments, that I can't help taking picture after picture. I love them can just quickly scan through them if you choose.

 One side of the Lion's Gate Bridge
 The other side, or just a tad different!
 The sun's shining on the ships
Much the same pictures, but the sky is glorious! 

 I was trying to capture the frost on this plant, but the frost isn't heavy enough yet to really show up.

 I can never get over this tree, that just won't give up it's leaves, even after that wind storm we had and all the heavy rain, they hang on.
The big green tree in front of it, had some branches broken off, and fell to the ground and walking by it, was the beautiful scent of pine that had me thinking I should bring some branches home and make a wreath for Christmas. But that was in my other life that I did such things.
Next day the branches where all gone.
Now this tree, was dropping leaves constantly, and it reminded me of the song "Pennies from Heaven". I got out my camera and it didn't capture a single one falling. I had to shake them off my hat!!! Honest!
Look at these poor creatures! Just standing there with cold feet!
They must wonder what happened! The end of the world is near, maybe?

Ahhh, I'll just have a snooze and when I wake up, it will be back to water!

Look at how the ice has all little patterns in it, as if Jack Frost painted it.
A frosty field.

That's it for now! I have pictures of a large family dinner of 21 people last night that we went to, and I'll show them later in the week.
 Last week, I finally took the plunge and bought a pair of prescription reading glasses, after having my eyes tested. I've been wearing dollar store reading glasses, but my eyes have been terribly strained and sore, and reading, and being on the computer hasn't been comfortable. Apparently one eye is good, the other is a different number all together, and the good eye is working overtime to compensate for the weak one.
I can't wait to get them and hope it makes a huge difference!!
More later.


  1. Your photographs never fail to take my breath away!!! Thank you for letting us experience your beautiful city through your lens. xxoo

  2. Who took the squirrel photo. Should it be credited?


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