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I'm so slow at this blogging that I can't remember from one blog to another what took place in between, unless, I have my trusty little camera with me and for some reason, I haven't had it with me much.

One of Tom's mystery trips and we ended up at this tiny little fish and chip stand, near Granville Island. It's one of the places around the water where the fishing boats unload their days catch. A great place to purchase fresh of whatever is in season.
When I took this picture it was a cold, rare wind blowing day, and we got there just as it opened at 11:30 am. There where a few people ordering fish and chips, but by the time we got our order, the parking lot was full,many people lined up to place their order and  all the outdoor chairs and tables where full of people, who seemed quite content in the cold, freezing outdoor to eat their food. One thing about Vancouver people....they are hearty, healthy people!!

Tom waited in the car while I ordered and we sat balancing our meal on our knee, and looked at all the boats and people and most of all..stayed warm!

I don't really know what the excitement is about this place as it was just the normal fish and chip dinner to me and if I had my druthers, would rather sit in a warm restaurant, and be served for the same price it was for this meal.
These carved wooden sculptures dotted a grassy area nearby.

March Lunch Group
Gosh, has it been a whole month since our last luncheon with the group? How time speeds along!
We take turns choosing a spot to eat and our pick was a German restaurant called "The Jaggerhof, which is located in North Vancouver. What delicious food!! Schnitzels and all sorts of mouth watering things. I'm salivating, just thinking how good it was!
Good friends of mine in Belleville, Ontario, often took me with them to a restaurant much like this one, and what a treat it was and just as delicious. Of course the company is always what makes the meal both in Belleville and here.

There isn't one quiet moment without chatter when this Vancouver group get's together!
Of course the tradition of B52's alway's end our lunch and we stagger out! 
 I don't need to point out who is who if you've read each month's post and dinner out.
Can't do a blog without Benji in it! Right now, he's sitting on the keyboard, bugging me as I type and taking the odd nip out of my finger!
He's a very trainable bird, and so comical! He has his little games he plays with us, and loves to dive bomb us when he zooms around the room. He has learned to talk, but still won't say those dirty words, I keep trying to get him to say!
 We love the little fellow!

 Oops...ANOTHER lunch and more eating! This is our buildings Strata council. They are a great bunch of ladies who have become my friends and here we are out on what is also going to become a monthly event, with ladies night out, enjoying dinner somewhere different and a movie.
In the white sweater is Rose, then Jean, and Faith, I'm on the other side with Fonda.
We are at Boston Pizza for dinner. 
Oh, what a story yet to tell about my very sore feet, as mentioned in the last blog. I did see a podiatrist, who say's she can fix my problem. This picture was taken the day after I had seen her, when my big toe nail was black with blood under it, and there was no way I could touch my toes at all. Even the blankets on the bed hurt! They thought they may have to give me a pain shot and freeze the toe to remove the nail, but instead they used a tiny tool like a power washer and sprayed in on the nail, until it removed the layers of nail until all the blood was gone. Amazing and painless! The nail on the other foot, fell off on its own, but I have tendonitis down the outside part of that foot, making me at times use a cane.
My walking came to a complete halt and I've been off my feet as much as possible. I've been waiting for my orthotics to come in and hopefully tomorrow, I can get them and  back to my VERY much missed morning walks. I know there is a breaking in period with orthotics, but, hope it won't take long to get use to them.
My tendonitis is still very sore, and when I see the podiatrist and my family doctor next week, I'll ask for ultrasound treatment if they aren't better at all. I'm still limping at times.
I found out a very strange thing though from the X-ray of my feet! I have one extra bone in my foot, that only 5% of the population have. Even stranger, it's only in one foot, when other's usually have it in both feet. It's just there, doesn't help or hinder my feet!
My weight is climbing again, with no activity, and all this eating!!!!

That's my foot tale!

 St. Patrick's Day this year, was one of the quietest I think I have ever spent. March 17th, fell on a Saturday this year, so getting near an Irish pub was next to impossible, so we just had a quiet lunch out! Both in our Irish green of course!
 Naughty Tom!! This is what he thought of me taking a picture of him! He had green on also under his jacket, being a good Irish person as well.
 Just had to throw this picture in of this huge squid that was in the fish section in the Quay.

Tom took me on one of his Mystery Trips for lunch today and we went for this delicious lunch at a posh place called 
Mangia E Bevi Ristorante here in Ambleside, that I've just walked past before and not one of the usual places we frequent. Eating again!!!!
No wonder the calories are climbing!
I'm sure when I see the doctor for prescription refills, and find out the results of my last tests, he isn't going to be as pleased as when the pounds where heading the other direction!
I'll do better when my feet are sound again!

The weather here has been VERY windy, VERY cold, and VERY, VERY much rain!! So, at least my feet broke down when walking outdoors wouldn't have been fun! Good things come out of everything if you look hard enough eh?

Next blog, I'll tell you about our HUGE expenditure on our condo building and needed renovations.
I have to save something to post about! 

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