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When I was a child, I can remember my parents decking all 4 of us children, in new clothes and shoes and then at Easter, my Mom and sister and myself would go shopping for a new Easter hats to wear to church. The kind adorned with ribbons and little flowers that we'd perch proudly on our heads. Then we'd have a new Spring coat and new shoes to complete the outfit. 
The boys in new shirts and pants and shoes as well. All decked out for Easter Sunday and heading to Mass and looking good!
Instead of Easter baskets, we'd leave out our old hats in a row, on the buffet, knowing in the morning, we'd have the most beautiful looking and yummy treats left by the Easter bunny.
 My beginning of fat cells developing in my body, never to shrink again!!
I'm so very lucky to have such wonderful memories of my childhood, that I can reach back in time and hold them dear to my heart. Funny, how some memories stay with us, some we just forget about. I guess it's the ones that make us who we are today that are the important ones.
 The question is...who am I?

Anyway, out of the past and into the present!

But first, I have to tell you about one other Easter a long time ago, when the bunny left us something very special! A little sister named Roxanne.
So Happy Birthday Sis and much love to you!

Headed out for my walk at 7 am this morning. Yup, my feet are getting better, but still not pain free. I hope they continue to heal after the problems I've had, but I'm trudging along at a good pace again, only I can't keep the fast pace up the entire 5 miles, before they seem to get tired and little nudges of pain appears here and there. I'll keep plugging along though!
These next picture's are some pretty sights along the way.

The stone balancer, remains a mystery, but an incredible thing to have created so many and a fun thing for us walkers to enjoy. Maybe they grow like that overnight?
 A beautiful Easter morning.

Yesterday we had an invitation from Meredith and Dave to join them at Deep Cove and a cruise aboard their new yacht, through the area's water along a majestic coastline straight out of what seemed like Paradise!
We arrived and parked here at Deep Cove, while we waited for Dave and Meredith to meet us and take us to their boat, so I took a few pictures while we waited.
I was shooting almost directly into the sunshine.

Down in that cove, a bunch of kayaker's where gathering. You can see them better in the next picture. All along our cruise, we would see them paddling along and taking breaks up on the shores.
A pretty little brook!

Tom waiting for Dave, who kindly took our car to where we could park for the day. Meredith took Mickey, their dog, for a pee break before we all went aboard!

Deep Cove is another spectacular pretty places, of BC.

All aboard and Tom trying out the Captain's chair before we get underway.

Off we go!

 Deep Cove from the water.

Dave showing Tom all the impressive instruments.

Look how high that rock is! What a climb that would be!
 These athletic people climbed it to the top!
 This is Jaime and her boyfriend Allan. Jaime is Dave's very cute and very sweet daughter. Allan is sure a cutie too!

Two redheads enjoying the scenery and sunshine!

What can I say, except we just sat back and enjoyed the beauty of the coastline. As we got further along, many cottages appeared, some exquisite, some not so fancy. I can't believe I never took some picture's of any of them!

 We pulled in to this pretty waterfall, in order to get Mickey the dog, in for a pee break.

It had a small dock here, but not quite safely deep enough for the boat to get close to shore. Some people had a tent up and other kayaker's arrived at the same time.
 Dave was lowering the dingy so Mickey could be rowed to shore. Jaime (I'm likely spelling her name wrong), and Allen (his name also), rowed in, while Mickey quite anxious to relieve himself. Mickey knew what was happening as soon as the dingy was being lowered and he jumped in with happiness on his face!

I hope Allan was singing to his sweetheart as he rowed...that would be romantic eh?

 A popular stop over for the kayaker's.
 Mickey on shore!!
Having a little walk on shore!
The waterfalls are beautiful and apparently quite a few of the campers and kayaker where in bathing suits in a sort of lagoon at the bottom of the falls. I think that would be a COLD swim!
Enjoying this afternoon immensely!
Cheers to Dave and Meredith with thanks for a wonderful day!

Also, to this cute couple! 
While we waited by the Falls, this plane landed, and a few fellow's stepped out on the wing and had a pee break also! I guess when you have to have to go!

Jaime and Allen had just started this puzzle when we arrived, and had just finished a 1000 piece complicated puzzle when we got home! Two smart cookies!

Thanks for a great trip, good sandwiches, goodies, drinks and fantastic company!!
When can we go again???????????

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