Wednesday, July 25, 2012


"Yesterday brought the beginning, tomorrow brings the end, but somewhere in the middle we've become best of friends."

It's funny how people connect and a lifelong friendship develops and I've often wondered when the beginning of Mike and my friendship began.

I know it started with a "hello" to each other one day as I walked the long hallway to my car and Mike was standing in the hallway near the Tech. section where we worked.
It continued to grow when many of the staff would sit together in the cafeteria at lunch and breaks, when we'd all share stories, and either laugh or else be moaning about something or other, depending on the day.
Great stories and wild tales and MUCH laughter with everyone took place.
But, a friendship began with Mike and another wonderful staff member Jim Mc. (who sadly has since passed away). The other person in our little group, was Lynn, my best friend and co-worker from the Library.We all became great friends throughout the years and shared times when things we're not so great in each of our lives, and we'd talk and discuss, listen and encourage and cared about one another, but mostly we laughed! What is better then laughter between friends.
Once in a while you meet a special friend, and this man is very special to me. We share many fun times, and I'm so happy that moment of "hello" to each other in the hallway, happened, so many years ago.

Below, is Lynn, the first person I spoke to days before my career at Loyalist began. It would lead to a new job for me and a long time lasting friendship to this day.
I love the little shed Mike built! The round circles are cut from trees. 

Mike and his wife Holly. What a perfect couple they are! Beside's being friends with Mike, I am also lucky to have been friends with his wife and 2 children. His two children don't remember me from those long ago days though, but I still have lovely little treasures kept of cards they sent me when I was heading off to Ireland.

They have this beautiful country home, they started renovating  after they married. Mike said it didn't even have electricity when they bought it and was quite run down. Now, it's gorgeous and filled with antique furniture.
They have what to me is called an "Estate". Flowing walkways, and paths that lead to something more spectacular with lush gardens.
On the bottom picture, on the left is a nice big black iron fence that leads to a very inviting pool! (No bathing suits!)

 They do it all themselves too!
 Holly is the creator of this vibrant, and cool area. She planted all these trees through the years, and it's been named "Hollyswoods".

A wood statue within the garden.

Holly made us a delicious lunch, served out on their patio.
I love chicken salad and didn't leave without this recipe! I made it when I got home and will make it again! 
It was fun re-hashing those old times too. Also lovely looking through your own books of memories.

 One time, Mike brought in pictures of his old barn and how  the whole family was working at cleaning it out and fixing it up. When I looked at the before pictures, I thought the job impossible, but they did it and it's really nice inside. It's so lovely that they had their daughter's wedding here. They even have a movie theatre set up in side!
 Mike is multi-talented in so many things! He acts, writes and produces well attended plays, writes music, makes records, designs lovely gardens, a wonderful husband, father and a great friend.
I also know he was a great Professor too!
Geez Mike...all this flattery should be worth at least a whole dollar!!

 Forever Friends!
I love these two people very much!

 Thanks Mike and Holly for a wonderful afternoon!
Take care of yourself Mike!!

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