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Mike and my Grandson's really put themselves out to keep me with a vehicle to drive. I drove Mike's car,also his big old truck, and then my Grandson Matt, gave me his car to use. It was terribly hot and his car had no air-conditioning, but it was a delight to be driving with the window's down, up over hill and dale on the back country roads, with  Matt's favourite radio station blaring out good old rock songs. Songs, I love, but only get to listen to while walking, using my iPhone with earbuds. Some, new songs, I never heard before, but I could tap along with the beat on the steering wheel.  I felt a touch of youth flowing through my veins again, as I hummed along with that feeling of freedom from long ago. Ironically, that youthful feeling only lasted while driving before dark. I had to be home before dark, because I'm one of those people that has night blindness!
Very different then driving around the city!

This is the lovely screened in porch, that in the evening is wonderful to cool off from the heat of the day.

 One night, I fell asleep here on this round bed, like a huge flat hammock that just makes me nod off so easily. I woke at 4:15 AM, discovered  everyone had disappeared off to bed themselves, so because Mother Nature was calling me, I headed off to my own bed.

 It was just too hot to use the hot tub!
 Another nice spot to cool off, is down these steps, to a stream with very clean, lovely water large enough to use it as a natural pool.
 The water looks brown, but it's very clean and deep enough to dive into. Little tiny fish nibble at your toes.
 Mike's sister young lad and Trixie the dog.
 Mike cooling off!
 A great place for a party! Lisa, Brad and Ashley
Roxanne and Kass came down for a wee party.
 Mike and his lovely sister!

 Mike and his mom Janette, a really nice lady!
 My sister Roxanne and her husband Kass
 Pretty Erica, and Matthew

 Mike's family enjoying a birthday party for Mike's son.
 Happy Birthday to you!!

Oop's..have my pictures mixed up..another delicious dinner put together by Lisa for friends and family. 

Mike cooling off!

Visit with friends tomorrow!
Stay tuned!

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