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Who visits their old boss?
Well, Lynn and I did, because we thought so much of this grand fellow from our Library working days, when Ron was the boss we thought so much of and loved.
This is our visit with Ron and his wife Ruth.

Ron hired me way back about 1976 to work in the Loyalist College Library. Later, after Ron retired, I moved to the Health Centre in the College, where I stayed until retirement myself, close to 30 yrs. later.
Ron was one of those bosses, that made working a joy! Well...that may be going to far, but he has always been a  very down to earth fellow, with a tremendous sense of humour and always good to his staff, which in turn, lead to  less complaining and much more work out of his workers.
He had to have that sense of humour to put up with the many jokes Lynn and I pulled on him, which SOMETIMES went over well, and other times, he'd just shake his head at us.
But we did have some good laughs over the years.

Ruth served us a lovely little lunch, as we reminisced about those days of long ago, also remembering some of the other staff in the College and wondering where they all ended up.
So many are now retired and onto a new phrase of their lives.
Travel and gardening seem to be what this lovely couple now enjoy. Ruth's career, was being the Principle of BCVI.
Now, they are blessed with GREEN THUMBS!!
I was amazed at the size of this garden! This picture show's half of it. Ron is walking on the left bottom of this picture  and the garden starts about where he is, to way back to the white shed, then moves over to the whole of the right side of this picture and more!
So many well maintained rows of vegetables of every kind!

 Ron loves growing vegetables, and Ruth loves flowers. Ruth's  garden is just as incredible, with every very healthy plant and flower and tree you can imagine, all planted when they first moved there.
The garden takes you down cute pathways and under this arbour that Ron is standing under.

Isn't it pretty! 

 Ron and I sat here and chatted. So nice to talk with him once more.
I'm so disappointed this picture turned out so dark and trying to fix it only made it worse.

Everything looks so pretty!

Their two cats, who seem to love another.
 They must learn that from Ron and Ruth!

It was wonderful to spend some time with you both! Thanks for a great afternoon, and hopefully Lynn and I will see you both next year also!
You both look GREAT!
Also, it was great to see our tricks and pranks didn't contribute to have any long lasting health problems for you Ron!

When I posted this, I had to go back and edit, because in some places, the type was different. I tried to correct it several times, and this is my last try, so if it's not be it!! 
I don't know the cure!

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