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Well, here I am again! Did anyone out there miss me?

It's been quite awhile since my last post, and I really am alive and well. Just a tad on the lazy side or is it just growing older and getting more tired as each day passes? 

It's been a glorious summer here in West Vancouver and each day has been filled with beautiful sunshine, and warmth...and I love the warmth!
However, we couldn't get out onto our decks to enjoy the weather, ALL summer!

Building restoration began on our decks, May 7th and was predicted to last 8 weeks!
Our decks had that indoor/outdoor carpeting on it for the last 20 years. When it was decided to replace it with something else, it was voted in to have an engineering company come in and look at the surface for damage.
As I sit and write this, I can hear the grinding and noise still going on, and I doubt very much if it will be finished before the end of October...if even then!
Apparently much more work needed to be done then expected and the dollars began to flow from the residence hands into a construction company!
 Hammer testing the concrete, revealed many weak spots that needed some reinforcement, some of the enclosures  needed to come down as well. 
It has been so loud in here, that it has been impossible to have the the TV on, use the phone or just hold a conversation in the same room!  We resorted to hand language and just getting away from here as much as possible.
Needless to say, it's become a VERY GRUMPY building! Everyone's nerves are frayed and tired of all our balcony furniture, now sitting in every available space in our indoor living space.

They will likely be starting on the bedroom side, with the small balconies next. Our dining/livingroom balcony is an L shape, and very long and wide and has taken so much time.
After grinding down to a smooth surface is done, then a membrane goes down, and then painted. Then our whole balconies will be painted, railings and ceilings...the works!

We just worry about the Autumn rains that are overdue, for doing the painting, or will this all continue over until Spring!!

Below: One of the workers (we've all gotten to know by name) grinding down the deck. Look at the size of the grinder!!! Apparently it's a diamond grinder and the only one to do this job. So, we've been told!

So, what have we done with all our days, running from the noise that vibrates through the building and the drop stage with ropes, holding two workers that start at 7:30-3:30, going up and down, past our window's, very often in a day?

I still do my walking, although maybe not 7 times a week, I've slowed down to at least 4 times a week, going the 5 miles. I'm feeling my age, I believe and slowing down!

We made many trips to the Library and read many books over the summer.
We read, and enjoyed the sunshine.
While I enjoyed the scenery! 

 We enjoyed our group lunch get-together with friends.
Our group is growing, which is great!

 More reading! This was on a weekend when no work was going with on the balconies and I swept it all off, and moved our deck chairs being stored from the crowded bedroom to the deck to enjoy just being outdoors at home for a few hours.

We we're invited to a Plum Cake party! Different, but delicious!
 My friend Ruth (our host, and who became a friend on my walks) and me in my silly hat, that on doctor's order's...I have to wear a hat, because of cancer on my scalp.
 Tom still surprises me with "Mystery Trips", where I have no idea where we are heading. This is the new "Port Mann Bridge."   A toll bridge, not quite finished at the point of this picture, and everyone still using the small little bridge.
Beautiful looking bridge!
Two of my friends and I went on a ferry trip to Bowen Island for the day. Not much was there, but the scenery was beautiful, and our lunch and time spent waiting for the ferry home was a hoot!!!  All I can tell you about THAT!!!
 A fun, but not too sober group!

We had a great visit from one of my childhood that goes back a L O N G way!
Betty and Owen from Belleville, spent the day here and we tired ourselves out, seeing what we could on the North Shore.
 The Capiliano Swinging Bridge. I don't think Betty was too thrilled on it!
 We walked and climbed and climbed some more to the point of exhaustion!

Tom and I spent more time walking along the beach!

Our budgie, Benji, is our big enjoyment! He has learned so many songs and can sing the chorus of "Jimmy Cracked Corn", "Hickory Dickory Dock, Benji went up the clock", A few words of "How much is that doggie in the window", "Old McDonald had a farm, E,I,E,I,O" and constantly says "NO BITING..NO,NO,NO,NO,NO!", and admires himself in every mirror in the house and tells himself that he's a good boy!
We had his wings clipped about a month ago, but he's going to get them clipped again very soon! I think even though they have been clipped, he has much strength in them to fly further all the time! He has limits of where he's allowed to go!

 A fun walk down part of Hasting Street

Lot's of other things made up our summer, too numerous to mention or post pictures. I haven't really been toting my camera everywhere with me much lately!

Tom spent a week at his daughter Meredith and son in law Dave, to look after the cats and the house! I stayed home and entertained Betty and Owen, went out with my friends and just enjoyed our time apart. It was like a vacation for us both and we enjoyed it, however, we spent half the time calling each other every hour or so!!

Tom also had a lovely 2 days spent on their boat on a trip through up to Montague Bay. I can't remember why I couldn't go, but he did enjoy himself. Maybe I was in memory fails me!
I'm sorry that I have no pictures!!

Trip to Victoria with the girls!!

Last week my friends arranged a fun trip to Victoria.
We drove to the Ferry,(free for seniors on some days) walked on, had breakfast on board, and had a beautiful one and a half hour, through great scenery.

Some passengers having fun feeding the always hungry seagulls.

 We set off at 7:30, and my lighting wasn't very good!

 Rose and Jean
 Lot's of entertainment here and there! What great stores too!!
 I was in awe when we got off our bus into downtown Victoria. It's just a lovely place! This is the famous Empress Hotel, where they serve high tea at $65.00.
We didn't have tea, we had DOUBLE B52's somewhere else, and of course got giggling at everything and nothing!

 Below: Parliament Buildings

 The old buildings are beautiful!

 We walked through the Empress, but I wasn't impressed with the inside, like I was with the outside! It's a Fairmont Hotel, just like the Royal York in Toronto. Of the two, I thing they just compare in OPULENCE.

This was inside the Empress and I must say, it was VERY beautiful and did out do the Royal York!

Tomorrow, us gals are off again! This time we are taking the ferry to Langdale, and then a city bus up to Gibsons.
Those of you who are old enough will remember the old TV show, called "The Beachcomber's". That's where it was filmed, and we will likely eat at Molly's Reach.
The weather again is to be sunny and warm!!

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