Saturday, October 27, 2012


Float by my window...

I have always loved that pretty song, and must say I love it even more, when I think of not having to rake a yard full of leaves anymore! I don't even own a rake!
However, I actually do miss doing outside work this time of the year. Fall runs a close even with Springtime in my books. Summer it's just a given to be always a popular season.Now winter is another thing all together!
But even shovelling snow, brings good memories of being out with the neighbours after a snow storm and helping one other with the shovelling, all working together and passing back little bets of who could finish first. Then the winner would go help someone else finish up.

Winter in West Vancouver is much different though, as you can't shovel rain and it's not as cheerful to watch it fall as big fluffy, flakes of snow.

Tom and I went for a little drive through Stanley Park last week, and took a few pictures of the changing scenery.


We are on the other side of the water from where we live. That is the Seawall below that goes from Stanley Park into Vancouver.

They have a lovely sandy beach on this side. Where I walk it's big stones and logs that have floated in. We live way across to where those buildings are. Each side has its own beauty to it!

I was wishing I had a rake with me here!  Lovely red and gold colours!

A huge holly tree.

Of ALL the tree's in Stanley Park and there are so many, it is beyond count...this is my favourite tree. It just seems to stand out in any season in all its glory. Even almost naked, I love it! I must admit, I'm a tree person..not a tree hugger though!

We've driven clear around much of Stanley Park and now on the other side, facing North Vancouver.

Looking toward the Lions Gate Bridge towards West Vancouver.

See them thar folks live in them thar hills!
We live at the bottom of them thar hills and we ain't rich!
That cluster of trees on the other side of the bridge is where I walk though to get to Park Royal Shopping Center and like a carrot dangling in front of me, I pick up my step, because there is a coffee with my name on it there! Ahhh, relief for a spell before heading home again.

These next pictures I took near the Stanley Park Halloween Train. A fun ride at night for the young ones. Not being young, we skipped the train and admission and only took pictures of a few scary looking things.

Someday, I'll look like this...yuk yuk!

Then we went for lunch and took a few pictures of the decorations for Halloween.

Well, the end of my blog for now. My best friend Janet is on the phone having a talk with Tom while I finish this up and let me tell you how BOMBED she is!!!
Guess, I'll go have a laugh with her!!
Byeeeee Jan!!



  1. hi linda and tom,
    happy hallowe'en and a wonderful fall. and by the way linda, we'll all look like that one day so take heart you won't be alone LOL

  2. Hi Debbie, as long as it's not TOO SOON! I'm working at just FINDING my bones right now! Happy Halloween to you also!


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