Thursday, October 11, 2012


We've been blessed with such great weather since July, with no rain, but it's all coming to an end today. Rain and lots of it, is in the forecast.  When we stepped outside this morning and noticed the big chill in the air, I felt so sad to think of what the months ahead will bring weather wise.

I don't find it as cold here as Ontario, but it sure rains plenty! Sure nice not to ever shovel though!

I went for a walk on the Vancouver Sea Wall heading into downtown Vancouver for a change of pace of scenery.

Just think of all the people who own these boats that are wishing they could say the heck with work today and just go sail the ocean blue!
Ahhhh! Retirement IS great!

I watched this seagull for a while, after he snagged a starfish, then attempted to put the whole thing in his mouth! He gagged a few times on it, but down it went!
 A look towards Stanley Park.
 Beautiful colours!
This is  looking towards North Vancouver. It was around 8am and just a little foggy out.
 Mother Nature....what a woman!
 At 7 am every weekday morning, we can hear the sea planes taking the commuters to Victoria and to other Islands in the area on business.
I was surprised at the steady stream of them boarding the planes.

 It was a lovely morning as I followed the waterfront as far as I could go, until I cut up for a coffee, then walked to the Library to check out the books before heading back home.

Writing about reading, if you get a chance, read "Gone Girl" by Gillian Flynn
What a thriller!!

More on my next venture!


  1. Hi Linda, Love your new format. I have enjoyed your last three entries since you returned from your holiday back east. I'm assuming this is the new "guest book". Way too fancy for me! All your photos are beautiful. I'm sure glad this is the place I call home! Will we be getting together soon for lunch!

    1. Hi Dianne
      Thanks for reading and posting! Are we dressing up for our group lunch, seeing as it will be Halloween?

  2. It has been too long since I stopped to see what you have been up to. I see you haven't lost your touch. Your photos are so beautiful. You are definitely capturing the beauty of God's creation.

    Good to see that all is well. (assuming this by the smiles on your face as well Tom's.

    Thank you for sharing with us all.


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