Monday, December 31, 2012

GOODBYE 2012, HELLO 2013

I believe I'm losing it at the beginning of 2013, so Lord help me by the end of this new year!
I though LAST night was New Year Eve, and I went around all day yesterday, wishing people  a Happy New Year, while they looked at me funny.
We had a lovely invitation out to a large family dinner last night and I was even thinking of buying all the paraphernalia to celebrate New Years.
So, here we are, finally, and tonight, will see us in bed at midnight where we usually snore it in.

I'm going to make another attempt at doing this blog and adding some events that happened between now and Halloween, but it will be just a smattering of this and that because, I've just had a glass of bubbly on an empty tummy, and a minute ago, I felt a shaking and asked Tom, if that was an earthquake I just felt! I know I felt it, but he just looked at me then at my glass and nodded his head with a grin on his face!

By the way....I think 2013 is the year of the snake!

I added that because I CAN'T find my pictures!! But came across the snake. (2nd glass of bubbly!)

Jean and Rose, two friends of mine, toured Park and Tilford gardens to view the light display. It was incredible!
It's lovely in the summer when all the flowers are in bloom also.

Our Christmas group lunch at a beautiful golf course. 

 What a great bunch of friends!
After our lunch, Debbie and Dave took us to another garden centre with Christmas decorations. (Good Lord, my mind is really going because I can't remember the name of these place! Can I blame it on the wine?
Anyway this fellow was tucked into the woods. It would be a great prop once it becomes dark! Being me...I can't help chuckle at his private part! Chuckle, chuckle!
Tom and Rose, have a mutual admiration thingy going on. So, he bought her this Christmas present.

Rose, gave this advert. to Tom as a hint, hint, hint. But she wanted him to include the receipt, so she could return it and keep the dough! Smart thinking Rose!
Actually we found this bling in our favourite shopping store. The Dollar Store!

I'm not sure if it was Rose or myself that gave him the bloody nose, that he had to nurse even the next day! LOL!!

Well, everyone, I'm having a terrible time finding my photo's of the last few days. I have been taking them off my camera using my camera card instead of the plug from camera to computer and it seems to load the pictures differently. I just can't find them!
I've go Christmas Dinner with Tom's family as well as dinner with Tom's sister's family and last nights event with the Bill and Dianne's family. Plus, a few other fun things from the last month just seem to have disappeared. 
So, hang in there, those that are waiting for them. My eyes are sore trying to find them, and I'm not drinking past that 2nd glass of wine either, so until I get them found and posted, I'm saying goodnight, and whatever you are doing this last few hours of 2012, I hope it's enjoyable.

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