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Wow! From Halloween to New Years and I'm just getting back to this blogging! Like we all say, "Where does the time go?"
I think one reason, I've delayed doing a new posting is because my iPhoto library is such a horrible mess, that I'm beyond figuring out how to search my way through the mess to fix it all, plus my attention span seems to get less each passing day. I don't know how I manage to get picture's I've taken a few weeks ago, scattered into different albums, folders and some folders from years ago!

Maybe if I start this new blog now, it will be out in time for New Years day.

Well...after typing this last sentence, I went to add some photo's and ended up spending nearly 2 hours trying to split events and sort dates. Horrid task, that if I set my mind to it will take me hours and hours, so instead of bringing the blog up to date from Halloween, I'm going to go backwards from today, make this blog short as I can and promise to work away at the pictures, so, I can show you what is new. However, thinking about it...there isn't much of anything to report!! 

Weather...everyone mentions the weather, so I'll tell you in West Vancouver, is the friggin pits! Nothing but rain, rain, and more rain. I can't remember the last sunny day in ages.
My walking has gone downhill... not meaning, I'm walking downhill, it means, I'm not walking hardly at all, and it's my weight that's climbing UPHILL on the scales! Rain is the culprit! Pretty good excuse eh? But, I'm not like Gene Kelly and enjoying the rain. (Some people will remember Gene Kelly).
It's become a game of getting out, doing the 5 miles and getting home again, before the next downfall. Usually, I manage some of the walk. 

We did see Santa one day at the mall and because they didn't have little kids lined up, we decided we'd better take the chance to get our requests in. Notice, I never sat on Santa's knee! Knee replacements are so painful and because of my weight gain, and this was St. Nick knee, I didn't dare get into his naughty book!

 Tom however, kept Santa busy with his list, and look at Santa's face! I think he's saying "Are you kidding, I don't think so...
Little girl, come get your husband!"
 Dundarave always has about two dozen trees all decorated just after the sea wall. It's a beautiful sight with really lovely decorations, that I'm amazed never get snatched up by Grinch's, but they don't. I was tempted, but I didn't!
I bent over to pick up one decoration that had fallen to the ground to place it back on the tree, and I could feel eyes on me from somewhere, so the decoration police probably had a camera hidden somewhere. So, as I walked away, I stuck my hands out in the air to show them empty! Goodness, why did I feel such guilt...I'm not a thief!  Well...maybe some pens and pencils from my working days. There Ron, if you are reading this...I confess one or two or three went home with me! that guilt off my chest!

 This one below, was all jewels and SOOO beautiful and so tempting! Isn't it amazing how honest the West Vancouver people are! You can tell with my thoughts, that I'm an import!
 Aghhhhh, another beauty!
A rare day when we had sunshine. Taken on my homeward walk from Dundarave. See the Lion's Gate Bridge in the distance, and Mt. Baker in Washington. The sky doesn't look too promising though!

Horseshoe Bay where I was hunting down some moccasins from Santa. Loved the sun on the mountain and couldn't resist taking a picture.

 A Mermaid popped up to say hello!

Darn, I'm now having problems getting to my photo files from here, so I'll finish this blog off and will try again soon.
At least you know, I'm still alive and well, and will admit at closing off this blog forever and ever, but, I guess, I'm not finished with it yet. It encourages me to keep at it with your kind comments and queries as to where the thing is!
See you soon, and hopefully tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Linda, On a whim just checked to see if you had updated your blog and was so happy to see an entry. I miss seeing a new blog a little more often but I know you are busy even if you say you aren't. Makes me appreciate your additions even more when I see them.
    Love Dianne


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