Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Well, where do I start? What month do I begin? Where did the year go?

This post will be a mish mash of memories or just what I can think of as I go through pictures and remember the moment they had been taken. 

I told my doctor the other day, I feel like I've taken the step through the door of old age! I'm feeling it!  A few months ago, because of weird headaches that had become more frequent, and one side affect was losing my eyesight in one eye, and another headache similar in July, along with disappearing eyesight, I couldn't formulate the words of the conversation to make sense. No headache pain though at all.

So, off I go for an MRI. Results..nothing there, yes a brain, but no growths! All was well to my relief! Then I HAD to ask the question some of us wonder but do we really want to know? Is there signs of dementia????? 

I know most of us my age, are noticably forgetting not only simple things like "where are my keys", but words, are disappearing also. Names of people, places and right in the middle of a conversation while I'm talking, I forget what the heck I'm talking about! Embarrassing and scary!

So, what did he tell me...I have MODERATE degeneration of the brain! Well, since hearing that, I stepped through that door of old age, I told you about earlier. Not just little aches and pains and moving slower and getting tired faster, but my mind is slowly slipping away!

Lately every thing is about OLD AGE and I'm sick of it!! Why couldn't he have said, NORMAL degeneration of the brain? I would have felt much better and not worry about it when those words I try to remember are slipping away on me and I wouldn't have that feeling in the pit of my stomach that the worst is near!!

Okay, onto better thoughts!
Onto some pictures I've taken lately. Which brings me to another thing...technology!! I have a Mac laptop. I just get on to one version of their many new applications they change every few months  and they come out with another one! Now it's Sierra Version 10.12 and I'm plugging my way through that one! Figuring out this Blogging site is not easy either, it's been so long since I was really at blogging. However, on the good side, maybe it keeps my brain active!! I'm hoping!!

We've had almost a whole week of pouring rain, and next week has only a day or so of sunshine that's predicted. 
We had huge warnings of a BIG storm, in fact 3 of them, right after another. Out came the flashlights, the candle's, food we could eat all in case the power went out. Away went all the patio set and cushions and anything that could blow away in the 100 K winds we were to get. On the 7th floor, it can get very windy, so, remembering my old Girl Guide motto "BE PREPARED", I made sure we would be!

Anyway, the BIG storm never materialized. We had some wind and lot's of pouring rain, but nothing they kept warning about. Some tree's did come down, but nothing like the storms they show happening in the State's lately. 
Social Media was all a buzz about the storm that never was and thank God for that, but people made fun of our weather reporters getting it wrong so often. One guy wrote he had more wind when he shut the door of his freezer too fast! LOL!!

So, as much as I "sort of" enjoy my daily long and early morning walks, I sometimes do a little rain dance, for rain to fall when my friend Barb and begin our walks at 6am. for 7 K's.
I'm always so exhausted after these long walks that nothing much gets done around here. So, I am enjoying all these lovely sleep-in's.
So far this is what I did today!
Made Tom's favourite cookie, Pecan, raison, oatmeal cookies. Delicious with a cup of coffee!

Then took perogies out of the freezer, and cooked them up with lots of onions and bacon. Dinner is ready!!

Meet Charlie, which should have been Charlene, after we found out it was a female. Should you ever buy a budgie for a pet, make sure it's a male. Believe it or not...the female bird doesn't talk, just the male budgie's. Our last male budgie, could talk many words and sentences and sing many songs. The only talent this wee girl has is to sit on my computer and right on the delete key, which is my most used key, and he bites me if I go near it! 
I also think she has woodpecker in her. She loves to bite on anything wood except his wooden perches, which is wise to  leave alone...she use's them! But the rest of our furniture I have to forever scoot her away. Dining room chairs and china cabinet all bear her mark!

A beautiful rainbow that landed on this ship. Could it be a pirate ship with the pot of gold on it? Naw, likely just another freighter from China waiting for it's turn to go into port to unload.
 The day before our big storm...Red sky in morning, Sailor take warning, red sky at night, Sailor's delight!

Well, that's my blog for today. Tomorrow is the big USA debate, that we won't want to miss that! Always exciting to watch what Trump will do next.
See you another day!
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  1. Just read your latest blog and loved it. So glad you are blogging again. Also loved the pic of Charley. She is so cute.

  2. So good to see you back again. I really enjoy your blogs. I thing you are very talented. Thanks for doing this. Gwen


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