Thursday, October 20, 2016


 Okay, these are all pretty well the same picture, and even though we see many eagles in this area, it's always such an exciting thing to see and everyone when spotting one will tell whoever is around that "There's an eagle!" Invariably, everyone will stop and wonder at the beauty of this powerful and majestic bird. 
This eagle was on a tree just outside our building and I took some with my iPhone, some with my little camera, and finally got out my super zoom camera that without a tripod it's so difficult to get a nice clear picture, once zoomed in close, without shaking a little.
It was a very rainy day, and his eagle feathers are very ruffled and soaked. 

 Okay, I'm overdoing it, but I couldn't choose one picture!!

I can't seem to get my picture file to open, so will have to call it the post for today.
Maybe more interesting next time when I figure out what is wrong.
Another rainy day here and another lovely sleep in!

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