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Happy Birthday to Lynn! You didn't think I'd forget you, did you?? Never!! For everyone who doesn't know Lynn, she is a very good friend of mine. We began working together in the Library at the College back in 1976. It was the College's big mistake when they hired me to work with Lynn, who has the same warped sense of humour as I do. What a pair we made!! We laughed our way though about 7 or 8 years of sheer enjoyment working together, scheming and plotting our next joke on some poor unsuspecting victim..student or staff both. What one didn't think of the other did, and when one of us came up with a crazy idea the other fed of it and the plot would thicken! I would write and tell you some of these "worth firing" things we did, but even though I'm retired and safe, Lynn is still working! So, Lynn, when you retire, we'll sit and write our memoirs! Maybe they will make a movie or tv show out of it!! What do you think!!

Then I went to work in the Health Center, because our beloved boss, Ron, who we loved and put up with our antics for many years, and enjoyed them as well, retired and our new boss, who worked in the Library for years and saw we just enjoyed our job wayyyyyy too much, decided in her wisdom (or lack of) that we should be parted. My desk was moved into the back room, away from where all the fun was. Like moving the bad kid to the back corner, however, I still managed to have fun back there, mostly tantalizing and annoying the new boss, until she just gave up on me! By this time, I hated it enough that when the job in the Health Center opened up, I bid on it and got it. Life was good there also, but I had to put on a more professional personality, but Lynn and my friendship never faultered and she still remains my best friend at the College. I made it though until early retirement and Lynn is still there and is a very well respected and very much liked person who contributes much to her position.

So, Lynn, on your day, I wish you everything I possibly can that life for you is wonderful and soon all your dreams will come true. I know that 2007 has been a rough year for you and I wish 2008 is a turn around and a smile will be on your face every day! (Now, I know what you are thinking about that smile on your face every day, because we think alike, and if that's what you want...go for it!) hahahahha.

Last night, Tom and I went to see "The Bucket List" and we don't often go out at night, so it was sure different. I kept saying, "it's spooky out here!" The show was good and two great actors. A sad ending, but I didn't need kleenex, as I'm tough like an old boot, but Tom gave a little sniff now and then. Tom is endearably VERY emotional and I love him for it. He has such feelings that come to the surface very easily. He can get watery eyes, watching a sad commercial!! But we enjoyed the show.

Whenever we do happen to go out on the rare occasion at night, even if we are home before 10, I seem to be totally exhausted the next morning and can hardly get out of bed, I'm so tired. Well, I slept right through to 9 am. Tom is often up through the night and then gets up at 7 to join Bill and his Powerpoint friends from Cambridge, Ontario for lessons on the computer. He never misses. Usually, I can hear them trying this and that out and lots of laughter going on, but this bunch have been doing this for years and have formed a good strong bond of friendship. It always ends at 9am here, which is noon in Ontario. Instead of waking me up, Tom crawled back into bed with me and snuggled up close. I was laying on my stomach with my arms right down by my side. Just then, the cat jumped up and lay full length on the other side of me. The sun....yeah....the SUN, was actually shining brightly and hot, right on the bed. The cat was luxurating in the heat. I felt like a trussed turkey in a hot pan! Tom on one side, started to snore, blowing morning breath in my face, so I turned the only thing I could (my head) and was face to face with Batmans bum! His tail was flicking my face back and forth. That was it!!! I was having such a good sleep!!! So, off went the cat and I was out of there! I thought I'd surprise Tom with some nice raison muffins, and got out the dishes and discovered I didn't have any flour. So, I came to check my computer and write on here.

We went to the Library yesterday and listen up everyone...those who laughed at me and shook their head at me..listen up!!!! Remember whenever I would use the phrase " they were feeling their neck", everyone looked at me like I'd invented a saying out of nowhere!! WELL!! The book I got from the Library is called "No Time To Say Goodbye" by Linwood Barclay. And there, on page 31, 10th sentence down, it says " Now I was feeling my neck. Aaaahhhhh!!!! So there all you people who never heard that before and thought I had made it up!!!! I read that in bed last night and instantly sat right up, yelling "Victory!" I feel goooooood!!!!

Well Tom is now up, we've had our breakfast of cottage cheese and fruit and coffee. I still have to make the bed and then we are taking the dog for a walk.

Oops..was going to mention to those Irish relatives out there, that I came across another new book at the Library called "An Irish Country Doctor" by Patrick Taylor. It looks good and the fly says it's an authentic Northern Irish voice telling down to earth stories. A cupboard full of delightful characters, quirky, funny and deeply moving. So, look for it in your library if interested.

Also, I fixed it so that you don't have to join Google to leave a comment. Anyone can click on the "leave comment" on the bottom of each post, and I'll get it. See I have a counter on here now too, but I think it counts up with me checking evey 10 minutes to see if anyone has been here!! It's kind of driving me nuts! So leave a comment now and then.

Lynn, just found out you and Ellen share the same birthday. Just finished watching her show.

Again, have a great birthday and lots of love to you, my friend!!


Picture of the Day:

Lynn is in the blue, and my other friend is Dianne who also works at the College and her and I have also have had some fun times together! Dianne and I just missed being put in the Clink one time didn't we? Remember our cross country skiing day when we had to get up a hill on the ski's and we knocked everyone behind us, when we fell. It was like TIMBER!!! Look at that Lynn and the innocent face she has!!! OHHHHH BOY!!!! There's a fun person full of devilish ideas in that head!!

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  1. Linda, I think there may be a bit more information than we wanted re Tom climbing back into bed......I am not sure though as when you started to describe how you were laying in bed I had to STOP reading.........after all this was my father-in-law and his lovely wife......I am not sure I NEED to know what happened ;)


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