Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday January 11/08

Woe is me.I'm sick with a chest cold that can't decide if it's going to invade my head too. I went to bed last night with a wee dram of Irish Cream, which Tom poured "Roxanne style" in a big tumbler! A special tumbler though from our Hula night. The glass lights up and does all fancy little light tricks. It tasted so good and downed it with two Tylenol. All for Medicinal Purpose's, I told myself. It felt so good on my sore throat that in a slurred voice, I asked for another. Forget the ice this time, it takes too much room, I told the bartender...Tom, who warned me I had enough. The lights on the glass had to be shut off on the second one, as I could see the damn lights everywhere I looked now.
I woke up this morning, after a night of hacking and coughing to a roaring headache. Can't figure that out, as I don't very often get headaches.We were suppose to meet Toms, son Martin and his wife Joan for breakfast, but I crawled out of bed at 8 and called to see if we could cancel. I sounded like I was half dead, so Martin was nice about it and told me to go back to bed, which I did and got up around 10 am. Headache was gone, chest felt better but I was certainly dragging around like a old cat.
We ate breakfast, read the paper, and tried to figure out the billing process on our new cell phone. I can zip around a computer but put a different type of gadget in front of us and we are brain dead. The new cell phone rings, we both look at each other with a big question mark on our face until it stops ringing and we are at peace again. But this morning, I did look up how to answer it, so if I can remember how, next time it rings, it may be worthwhile having one!
So, thats all folks...I'm going back to bed. I may take two more Tylenol but with water in an ordinary glass! Playing safe this time.
Okay....picture of the day!

This is the fellow who would walk around the ship ringing a chime to call us for dinner. As if we didn't know what time was dinner!!! That's the big activity on board and after getting used to 3 squares a day, our stomach didn't need chimes to let us know it was time to chow down again.

After dinner he stood by the door and handed out, very neatly on a napkin, about 4 of the most delicious melt in your mouth mints!!! I quickly made very good friends with this guy, so when he saw me coming we'd give each other a big smile and he dipped deep into the mint bowl and gave me about 10 of them!!! He also gave out a square of fresh ginger to settle the stomach and also a fig. I don't know why the fig, or why they gave out anything to settle the stomach. The food was delicious, we just all ate too much!

Just went to post this and a message came on saying the "explanation mark" was not accepted.

So, I deleted some and see what happens when I post now. Wish me luck.

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